Heartbreak Weather album review

Antonia Gutierrez

Disclaimer: I don’t know much
about music, but I love Niall and
One Direction and that is all you
need to know before you read this.
“Heartbreak Weather” is Niall
Horan’s second solo album. It was
released on March 13, 2020. Many
people have described it as being
“the closest sounding album to a
One Direction album, and I agree.
The 12-year-old in me went crazy
when I first heard his new album.
It truly resembles a lot of past One
Direction vibes.
The album has 14 songs, three
of them that were singles dropped
in 2019. Horan had a writing part
in every single one of the songs on
the album. Aside from releasing his
album, he also released visualizers
for all of the songs. Those can be
found on YouTube.
I would describe his songs as
having very mellow vibes and being
very relaxing to listen to. Then again
it could be the 12-year-old inside of
me that thinks it’s a One Direction
album, and I’ve been wanting a new
album by them since I was 15. Since
this is the closest thing to it, I’m
going to be reviewing all the songs
on the album.
Heartbreak Weather: This song is
super catchy and gives off major One
Direction vibes. The song expresses
how he’s in love and how he’s been
unlucky with love in the past. Lyrics
like Which is a common theme in a
lot of the songs in the album and in
some of his past works too, including
One Direction.
Black and White: I have decided
that Black and White is going to be
my wedding song. The song is about
how he sees himself getting married
to this girl. Lyrics like “I see us in
black and white, crystal clear on
a starlit night in all your gorgeous
colors I promise that ill love you for
the rest of our lives,” make me wish
that Niall would choose me to be his
Dear Patience: This song is one of
my favorites (I’m honestly going to
say this about most of the songs). In
this song, he seems to be “writing” a

letter to himself to be patient. “I hope
that I find you my dear.” Throughout
the song he seems to be arguing with
himself over the fact that he falls in
love too fast and ends up getting
hurt. Honestly this was me in high
Bend the Rules: This song makes
me think that he’s accusing someone
of bending the rules of a relationship
by cheating on him and lying. “I’m
not saying that your lying but you’re
leaving out the truth.” It’s a very
acoustic song, and I’m sorry if it
makes you cry like it makes me cry.
Small Talk: This one is probably
the song that has the most sexual
innuendos. It has a very rock/pop
vibe. Even in his visualizer on
YouTube, he’s wearing black skinny
jeans and a leather jacket. It gives it
a bad boy vibe.
Nice to Meet You: This was the
first single off the album. It’s very
catchy and it’s definitely a song you
can dance to. My favorite part is
when he sings in French even if it’s
just three words, “J’adore la mer.”
Very romantic honestly. This song is
about someone that he meets that he

immediately ends up falling for (also
me in high school).
Put a Little Love on Me: This is
another one if the singles. This song
is always stuck in my head. Aside
from being one of my favorites, it
also gives off major One Direction
vibes. I think the song is about
him and someone and they were
together, but they had a falling out
and now that special someone is
trying to move on but can’t. And he
can’t move on either so he’s trying to
convince them that they should get
back together.
Arms of a Stranger: This is one
is about him being with someone
new, yet he still thinks of his old
relationship. This special someone
messed him up bad. “You left me
with nothing,” and “I’m just trying
to get over you,” make me wonder if
he wrote this about something in his
past. There are always rumors that
artists write songs about past lovers.
We might never know.
Everywhere: Niall Horan also
seems to be heartbroken in this
song. He’s “trying to run, but your
everywhere.” He can’t get over this
special someone. This is how I felt
when One Direction broke up and I
was determined to forget them.
Cross Your Mind: This song is
about both partners being toxic to
each other. He’s hurting her and
she’s hurting him. “Love the way
you hurt me, and it doesn’t even
cross your mind.” Some people are
just in it for the pain it seems like.
No pain no gains I guess, but the
song is still super catchy and even a
little bit danceable.
New Angel: In this song, he
seems to be trying to get over a
recent heartbreak with a new girl.
He describes her as his “new angel.”
“Each time I close my eyes, she’s in
there running wild,” is what e says
about his past lover. The song has
a very nice dance-pop type of vibe.
It reminds me of s a song that you
could listen to while driving with
your windows down on a warm
summer’s night.
No Judgement: This is the last
single on Horan’s album. This is his
most danceable song. Every time

this song plays, I’m moving to the
beat. It’s the perfect song to raise
your spirits. In the song, Horan’s
singing about how when you’re with
this person, there is no judgment
between the two of you, which is
how you should feel with anyone
in your life. The music video is
hilarious. It shows an elderly couple
doing the weirdest things, yet being
happy together, which I would say is
a beautiful message.
San Francisco: This song is
another one of my favorites. It
reminds me so much of the love
songs on the One Direction albums.
In the song, Horan is regretting what
he did in his previous relationship.
He’s very heartbroken. The piano
playing, in the beginning, makes me
feel sad. It has a very sad vibe and it
makes me question myself, but I love
that. I love the different melodies in
the song, and last but not least, I love
Niall Horan’s voice.
Still: It’s the last song on the
album and also one of my favorites.
I love the acoustic. The message
is similar to “San Francisco.” He
knows that the relationship wasn’t
the best, but he still loves her. I
would definitely not recommend
these songs if you just broke up with
someone because they might make
you want to text them again, and that
would not be good.
I was super excited to see him in
concert this year, especially since I
couldn’t see him when he performed
in Boise, but his 2020 World Tour
was canceled due to the current
pandemic we are all facing. He’ll be
back next year. There are also rumors
going around that One Direction
might have a reunion this summer
for their 10 year anniversary. Who
knows, maybe they’re working on a
secret album for me to review later