School board meeting surrounded by protests summer 2020


Antonia Gutierrez, Assistant Editor

Over the summer, protests surged all around the globe. Some to protest mask wearing requirements, others to protest and demand equality. 

On July 13, parents and allies of marginalized students rallied outside a school board meeting to try to bring change to policies in the Lewiston School District. 

A group of parents have been working together to try to make reasonable changes to school policies. 

One of the main concerns of parents, is that the Confederate Flag is still allowed in schools, therefore promoting fear amongst diverse students. Not only that, but hate speech and signs are not punished by the administration. 

There were over 50 participants. Many with signs, saying “Know better, do better,” the slogan of this movement. 

Everyone was welcome to write or read letters in front of the school board describing their own opinions and experiences.

One student who spoke at the meeting told her story about her experience in the Lewiston school system. She is a Black Nez Perce student from Lapwai. The first place she got called the “N word” was at LHS. 

“We don’t feel like one of your students,” she explained to the school board. 

Other parents also came forward and spoke about the experiences about their own children.