C-Mass’ Corner: pre and post 21st century video game reviews

C-Mass’ Corner: pre and post 21st century video game reviews

Caden Massey

Mort the Chicken:

From the creators of Brunswick Pro Bowl, Strike Force Bowling, and The Bible Game comes the breakout title Mort the Chicken.

Odds are nobody reading this has ever heard of this game which is no surprise considering the game has a score of 2.5 out of 10 on IGN.

If you try to find anything on this game, you will have to do some digging in the archives. The only reason I was able to find this game was because a friend of mine happened to own it.

In all my research I was not able to find much in terms of sales, cheat codes, walkthroughs, or basically anything that would be found with a game online. Going into the game I did not know what to expect, and boy howdy was I surprised.

The games protagonist is named Mort (shocking I know). According to the cutscenes he was some sort of star on a children’s cartoon and lives on a farm with other chickens.

That is the easy part. Strap in for this and prepare to read the sentences a few times to understand. Cubes from another dimension have invaded the farm from a well and are taking chicks hostage because the evil cubes leader named Cubiclees believes hay bales are his people from his own dimension that have been kidnapped by the chickens.

The chickens report this through a series of cut scenes where news anchors Chicken Little and Henny Penny report the chicken news. Yeah. Needless to say, the plot is absurd, but what about the rest of the game?

Mort the Chicken plays in a very… unique way? The camera is completely automatic, which was a relatively new feature for the time.

The cutscenes are also very good looking for the time it was released, and while the art style is very simple, I think it plays to the simplistic design. The cutscenes are extremely humorous and the game is obviously intended to not be taken seriously, which is really refreshing to see.

The silly jokes and puns that are sprinkled throughout the game make you crave the next cutscene and give you a reason to keep playing the game.

The cubes that try to stop Mort are also just so fun to think about and make the player have a little laugh. The soundtrack was actually surprisingly catchy and I have to say that some levels I was actually foot tapping.

The problem I’m facing here is that everything I like about the game, comes with a downside. For instance, the camera, while automatic, has terrible adjustments meaning you have to make blind jumps constantly and you tend to get hit by things constantly. It is super frustrating, but there is a way to move the camera with the triangle button.

This brings me to my next gripe. Imagine trying to operate a forklift with no instructions and nobody to help you. You can imagine that this could be somewhat difficult. It may even result in the injury of yourself and/or others.

This is how it feels to figure out the controls, power-ups, and general goals of Mort the Chicken. I played through the entire game before I realized that you could move the camera.

The way to fill up your health bar is by eating corn from the ground, but the corn on the ground looks like a brown circle. I got genuinely upset when I learned about the things in the game that I could do after the fact, and my brain suffered major emotional damage.

The game is also incredibly short and incredibly easy, so I felt as if the game barely happened. The graphics are simple, which isn’t always a bad thing, but the things that you need to collect are always so hard to see, and if you don’t know where you need to go, the game can get very rage inducing.

Mort the Chicken overall was a pleasant experience and even though the controls are poor, and the goal is hard to find, it really is a good time to play.

I suggest playing this game with a friend, so that way you have someone to take turns and laugh with. If you want to play this game you are going to need either a PS1 or a PS2, because this game never saw a re release.

It should only cost about $15 and it is a decently good time to play. The terrible controls may be overbearing at times, but I still think this game is worth 5 hay bales out of 10.