C-Mass’ Corner: game reviews


Caden Massey, Staff Writer

Super Mario Party: Let’s get something straight here. I am kind of a big deal.

Like a rather large deal. I’m such a big deal that the student body chose me as their champion. I won Mr. LC. Isn’t that cool?

What’s even cooler is the prize I got for winning. I received a copy of Super Mario Party and a Nintendo Switch Lite. I already had a Switch, but I did not have Super Mario Party.

In order for me to play this game and fully experience all of it, I needed some friends to play it with.

So before I jump into the review I just want to thank the people at KCACTF, the Kooskia boys, and the Kamiah boys.

Without you all, I would have had to play this game with the bots and that would have been literally the worst. Also, I played this game all the way through, and unlocked everything. I must have dumped at least 30 hours into this game, so you could call me a certified Mario Party Professional.

The game is fun. That’s just a fact. I never felt like I was bored or wanted the game to be over while I was playing it.

It does grow repetitive, but that doesn’t mean it is bad. I happen to enjoy what the game has. The controls are so versatile and the way the game makes you use the Joycons in different configurations, and the way all the cool feature get used is very smart.

You are always doing something different with your hands, so it feels like you are doing more than you actually are.

The character selection is pretty decent, but every character has their own unique die. This adds a level of strategy that is relatively unexpected for a game like Mario Party. The game also gets rid of the stupid feature from the last Mario Party where you all share a car and drive around the map together. Thank God. Also, the modes other than the basic mode are pretty fun and give you a solid amount of extra game time.

The rafting mode is super fun and is good if you have a group you like to be around. The duos mode is alright and it is worth a play.

The game does have some major blemishes that I just can’t ignore though. The challenge mode is sooooooo boring. It just goes on and on. All you do is play minigames against bots. The worst part is that you are required to play it to unlock characters. I spent hours just running through it trying to unlock Diddy Kong and Pom Pom, and it really was not worth it.

The game also has some minigames that are entirely too easy. I know it’s a kid’s game but a few of them offer nothing.

Then on the other hand some are too easy. This game also has “random” rolls and stars. I say it with quotes because it is not random. I have played a lot of this game and it tends to favor people who are not in the lead.

The game will hand pick things to keep the game close on the last 3 turns. The best way to win is to try and stay in 2nd place. The game is also severely lacking in content.

The game has four maps and after a few playthroughs you have seen everything there is to offer. In about 5 hours you will have played everything you can.

This game is generally a good time with the right crowd. Sometimes your friends will yell at you, and it hurts your feelings, but that is part of the fun!

I would say if you have a Switch, I would get this game to play with your friends, family, and countrymen.

Unfortunately this game is a whopping $60, so proceed with caution. Overall, I’m going to rate this game 7 obscure Mario characters out of 10.