C-Mass’ Corner: game reviews


Caden Massey, Staff Writer

Shadow the Hedgehog: Do you know what’s even better than a really fast hedgehog? A really fast hedgehog with a gun!

If you know anything about Sonic the Hedgehog, odds are you have at least heard of his edgier counterpart Shadow.

A hedgehog so edgy that he got his own game, and he has a gun in it. This game has a ton of lore and in all honesty, none of it matters. So, we are just going to gloss over that.

Also, the gameplay is basically if emo developers created a Sonic game, so if you are into that, I suggest you read on.

I think the game is… funny? I know the point of the game is to be serious and edgy, but it just isn’t. It is borderline cringy.

I have friends that say they liked this game growing up and I think they must have been blinded by their youth. I do like the story, but if you don’t play the other Sonic games, things get a little confusing.

You do however get to choose your own path through the story, which will result in 6 unique endings.

The choices you make will set you on the path towards your ending, even at the beginning of the game. You can choose to listen to the aliens, or help sonic, or just do your own thing.

I went with Sonic because I thought it would be good to be a good noodle. I’ve always liked the concept of Shadow and when I was younger, I admittedly had a stuffed animal of him. He is pretty cool at the end of the day.

Now for the much more robust list of things I hated. The controls make me want to smash my hands with a hammer.

They are terrible and no matter how much time you spend trying to figure them out, you will see little to no improvement. They are just fundamentally flawed. They quite simply do not work.

The models look dreadful. Everyone, including Shadow, look like garbage. They are super blocky, and it doesn’t help that the game lighting is too low too.

The audio is poor, and it was not a joy to listen to. The music gets extremely repetitive, and I know people really like Sonic music, but they are wack. The actual gameplay itself is just so bad.

I ran in so many circles trying to figure out what to do, that I have the first level memorized, and that should not be happening when Shadow is supposed to be fast enough to skip the obstacles altogether.

Sometimes when I do things in game, I do something completely different because of the camera angles. And don’t get me started on the story’s contents.

I literally had no idea what was going on, and I played it all in one sitting. It just seems like random nonsense that somewhat connects to a thread of story.

I cannot find enough words to describe my dissatisfaction with the story.

Shadow the Hedgehog sucks. There is no way around it. It is not the worst thing I’ve ever played, but by god is it rough.

Nothing about it makes me want to play it again. It was just funny, and that was unintentional. If you really want to buy this game, you can find it for somewhere between $10 and $30.

Honestly, save yourself the pain. I rate this game, 4 edge lords, out of 10.