COVID-19 Update

Pathfinder Staff

As of Sept. 30, there have been 614 confirmed coronavirus cases in Moscow Idaho, which is only 45 minutes from Lewiston.
As students of LCSC, we continue to ask our peers to continue to wear their masks correctly, over the mouth and over the nose, and continue to limit travel and gathering in groups larger than 10 without wearing a mask.
We also encourage students of LCSC to take a stand and not participate in house parties or any other type of large social gathering.
COVID-19 has taken 24 people’s lives in Lewiston alone, according to the New York Times.
Overall, Idaho has 42,048 confirmed cases to date with 469 deaths.
We ask students and other people of the Lewiston and Clarkston community to continue to be aware of the pandemic that is widely spread across the United States, and limit travel, wear a mask, and stop attending parties.