Why LCSC Students should attend annual Career Fair

Gracyn Richardson, Editor

Students of LC State are more than encouraged to attend LCSC’s annual Career Fair held every October.

LC’s Career Center holds the fair so students can get engaged with employers and higher-level education to further their career paths.

Marc Batete, Lewis-Clark State senior, commented “I think students should participate in the fair because, as a Senior I am just now being exposed to the reality of being a job seeker and it is a challenging experience.

This is true for everyone, but more so for international students who have a narrow field of opportunity and a very tight timing to beat due to the restrictions that come with our status.”

Batete also said “Most students make the mistake of waiting their junior or senior year to start making those meaningful connections when really there are just as many opportunities out there for seniors as there are for sophomores. Participating in the fair will accomplish many things for them.

For example, it is an opportunity for them to make a connection with the company they might be interested in, or to discover the company they are a really good fit for.”

When asked how is the fair beneficial to students who attend, Batete replied “it is an opportunity for them to fight the job-seeking fight on their territory, with the help of the career center.

Because it is an opportunity for them to interview basically with multiple companies at the same time, does it get any better? The career fair is an amazing opportunity for students to make connections and to practice their conversational skills. Because the truth is, many candidates have very similar skills.

The difference lies not in what you can do, but in how you present the information and how you make the recruiter feel about you. You can be a very fun and passionate person and display the opposite because you are nervous. Every career fair you go to makes you 10% more comfortable talking to that stranger across the table who is here to offer you a job. Go to as many fairs as you can, make as many connections as you can, challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone, that is where your success lies waiting.”

When asked about the best part of the fair, Batete commented “The best part of the career fair for me is the end, when you know you have given more than what you thought you had, and now you are more comfortable with the process and more sure of yourself. You can feel your comfort zone expanding and your confidence with it, there is no better feeling, except maybe accepting that offer afterward.”

Due to COVID-19, the Career Center is hosting the fair virtually this year to maintain social distancing, while also allowing students to meet one on one, or in groups via Zoom.

The fair will commence on Oct. 8 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.