Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


Caden Massey

You’ve seen Link as the Hero of Time. You’ve seen him as the Hero of Legend.

Now get ready to see Link as the Hero… of Wind. Since the Nintendo 64, every Nintendo console has seen a major 3D The Legend of Zelda release and the Nintendo GameCube was no exception.

It was one of the most anticipated Zelda releases of all time. Most gamers thought it would be a true sequel to Ocarina of Time, but what the people saw next would horrify them.

A Zelda game… with cel shading! “What does that mean?” I hear my non-gamers asking. Basically all you need to know is the game looks cartoonier than people would have liked. This caused the game to get a lot of criticism and lose a lot of hype leading up to its release.

That means this game was one of the most forgotten Zelda games at the time. The remastered version on the Wii U brought back a lot of fans for a second chance (more on the Wii U version later).

But more importantly, what did I in my infinite wisdom think about The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for the GameCube?

Finding things I don’t like is very difficult. There is only one glaring issue with the game and I would say it is pacing.

It is very tedious to go treasure hunting, and of course that wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t required. Another thing I see wrong with this game is when you operate your boat you go just a little too slow. These aren’t a big deal though.

Something that may be considered an issue to some is that the game looks inferior to the Wii U version. The Wii U version looks so good, and it is much easier to complete.

Not to mention that everything this game is lacking in the GameCube version is fixed by the Wii U version. I think that the original version is the way games should be played. The original creation of the artist is always the preferred method.

This game is so pretty. At the time, people panned the way it looks, but you are crazy if you think this game looks bad.

The way it has aged is just magnificent. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City came out the same year and that game looks absolutely terrible by today’s standards, and Wind Waker can still compete with some of today’s titles. In my opinion this game looks better than Twilight Princess, which is the next 3D Zelda game in the series by a whole 4 years. I also believe the dungeons in this game are perfect for a 3D Zelda game.

Some would argue that there are not enough dungeons in this game, but those people are stupid. The puzzles also feel fair in this game, and solving them isn’t too hard to figure out.

It really is a shame that this game is so underrated because nobody will talk to me about how great the story is. Oh. My. God. The story is amazing and just feels so important and touching.

You actually feel like the kid who became the hero the land (or in this case the sea) needed, and I feel like this is somewhere this game excels compared to other Zelda games. You feel like you are actually accomplishing something you were never supposed to.

You feel like you actually defied the odds. I literally almost cried at a few spots because I thought it was so beautiful and touching.

The story feels so real and it is only aided by the soundtrack. The soundtrack is so good that I would argue it is the best in the series. The Earth and Wind God’s songs are so great on the ears, and the accompanying visuals are contenders for the best pieces of art of I’ve ever seen.

If you want to play this game, you are going to have to make some sacrifices. You either have to buy the GameCube version or the Wii U version, and those are really your only options.

The game is very expensive for GameCube and honestly I would just get the Wii U version if you already have the console. I don’t say this lightly. Hear me now. This game is a certified masterpiece.

It is in my top 5 games of all time. My experience was nothing but pleasant. I rate this game 10 Heroes of Wind out of 10.