Humans of LCSC


Caden Massey

Gabe Mowry: “As a psychology major and your student body president here at LCSC, I feel it is important to be transparent about personal experiences like this to advocate for the psychological fortitude and mental health of all our students. All of us humans of LCSC have experienced periods of psychological discomfort or confusion at some point in our lives, especially after losing something or someone we love. I am writing this to you all because I feel it is necessary to share the importance of finding meaning in moments of suffering. Though it is extremely difficult to do, the existential search for meaning in suffering can help us replace ugly situations with beautiful resolutions. Without suffering, we cannot know how much we take the calm and peaceful moments of our lives for granted. I did not have a perfect life growing up by any means but many of unpleasant experiences I went through were able to be rectified through conversations and/or the passing of time. Things often get a little more complex when death comes into the picture, especially when it is unexpected. For the first twenty years of my life I rarely experienced the pain losing someone I loved. However, the past four years of my life have been plagued by the experiences of having seven friends/family members pass away. The suicides, drug overdoses, car accidents, and cancers that lead to the passing’s of these people that I cherished caused a great deal of pain that I initially had no idea how to handle. As more and more people I loved left this world in such an unexpected and sequential manner, death became an idea that loomed in my mind quite often. A consolation from the suffering/confusion that followed their losses was that it lead me down a path of self-exploration, motivating me to understand the uncomfortable elements of human life such as the certainty of death, the uncertainty of what comes after, and most importantly, the need for cherishing every moment with the people you love as if it were your last time seeing them. We never know what kind of curve balls life will throw at us. Terrible things happen and sometimes there is nothing we can do to prevent them from occurring. I hope that we as a society can learn to use this lack of control as motivation to appreciate the things do have power over such as giving empathy and compassion to ourselves and others, letting the people we love know that we love them, and trying to be grateful for every second we have on this earth, especially in times of suffering. I believe that the consistent practice of these behaviors/mindsets not only help us live a life full of meaning and beauty, but also let us complete our journey in life with a sense of integrity.