C-Mass’ Corner: game reviews

C-Mass’ Corner: game reviews

Caden Massey

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan: Until Dawn. A critically acclaimed game, known for its horror elements, tough choices, and the chance to permanently kill your own character.

A game so revolutionary that it defined a new genre of games (interactive movie). Supermassive Games undoubtably knocked it out of the park for that game. But, how do you follow up perfection?

You copy the formula. Man of Medan is very similar to Until Dawn in almost every way, but the game does deviate from the path that was paved for it. For instance, Until Dawn was always a game best played with friends, but the game was single player.

This time, me and my friends played the new mode called “Movie Night” and all took turns trying to survive the spooky boat known as the “Ourang Medan.”

The game is actually pretty scary, and when you play with friends the stakes feel more real, and sharing ideas makes it even better. I genuinely jumped a few times, and when someone dies it is an exciting moment for the whole room.

You get legitimately sad for your friends, and if it’s you that dies, you feel like crying. Sometimes you lose track of what is going on in the real world because you are so engrossed in the game.

It truly is an interactive horror movie. The boat itself, while a little monotonous, feels well mapped out and you get to revisit some locations from a different angle, which makes the world feel very intertwined.

Until Dawn had something called the butterfly effect, where the decisions you make can affect yourself or others down the line.

Man of Medan has the same thing but it’s called bearings. I speak from experience in the game that your decisions truly do matter, as I was killed by my friend who just didn’t do something.

The story is also pretty good, and I would argue that it is better than its predecessor, but I won’t reveal that here.

The twist is also so big that you don’t realize what it is until it’s hinted at (should you choose to get a hint).

If you wanted to solve the mystery on your own, you would have to do some serious thinking.

My complaint is pretty small to say the least. The games lighting is very dark, so if you want to see everything, I advise turning the brightness up past the recommended brightness.

The boat, as previously stated, can get very repetitive, and it feels like you are just walking in circles in some spots. The story, while good, is very slow to start and fast to finish. It was also rather short.

I believe it took a total of 4 hours, which just wasn’t enough for me. The characters also didn’t have evenly distributed playtime, but that could be a multi-branched story sort of problem.

The game also has some quicktime events and some parts where you have to keep the rhythm of your heartbeat. I personally don’t mind these, but I am terrible at keeping rhythm, so that was a struggle.

Overall, I can’t think of very many problems with the game.

Our journey came to a close, and with three of us dying and two of us surviving, I think you could say we had a successful run. If you think about it, that is a 40% success rate, and that is better than gambling odds.

I strongly recommend you play this game with friends. I very strongly recommend you play this game with a friend who has an Xbox One because the game is free on Game Pass Ultimate.

Otherwise, the game is available on PC and PS4 for $15 to $30. I think it is fair to rate this game 9 spooky scary skeletons out of 10.