C-Mass’ Corner: game reviews

C-Mass’ Corner: game reviews

Caden Massey

Bandersnatch: Games have a huge reputation of being an inaccessible art form. The gaming culture has been perceived as not welcoming to women, people who won’t buy a console, and the elderly.

But I say NAY! You forget the that there is a gaming platform already accessible to every person in the United States and all it takes is a smart phone, smart TV, or a tablet.

I am not talking about Angry Birds; I’m talking about Bandersnatch.

Okay sure, but what is that? Most people have at least heard of Black Mirror, but if you haven’t, I would say it is most similar to the Twilight Zone. It deals with the freaky side of things, and Bandersnatch is no exception. Bandersnatch is an interactive Netflix game that makes you choose what happens to the main character Stefan.

Stefan has a mental disorder that affects the way he sees reality, which causes the game to show you the wild side of his mind. If you make a mistake you have to go back and replay the decision in an attempt to get the correct path to the end.

The game starts out very strong. It feels like a complex multilayered puzzle that evolves every time you make a mistake. There are parts where you have to decide if you die, or if another person dies, but after you die you reset to a previous state.

Sometimes when you go back you will have completely different options, or maybe some details will be different. The game feels extremely unique, while also capturing the feeling of a choose your own adventure book.

It is completely its own thing, but also captures the essence of a horror film. I found myself getting lost in the story near the beginning and I was actively trying to solve the puzzle of what was wrong with Stefan.

There was also a part that involved a 4th wall break that I found very humorous, and I would advise picking the “Netflix” choice in the game. You will know it when you see it.

Unfortunately, the list of things I didn’t like was a lot more robust. I hate the fact that all the paths lead to similar endings. There are a lot of different variations of basically the same endings.

You have to do some things to finish the story, which makes it feel like you don’t have a choice. At the beginning you get all kinds of options that make the story feel like a tangled web of reality.

Towards the end, it feels like nothing matters anymore and the decisions you make are completely irrelevant. The acting is alright, but one or two of the characters feel extremely one dimensional, while two of them feel very complex.

One of the main characters is a guy that claims to understand the complexities of the game you are playing, but he makes dumb mistakes that get him in trouble. It is hard to describe without giving it away, but the way the story itself progresses seems extremely boring. You are the basic kid with a dead mom and social issues.

It is a very cardboard cutout type of character. The side characters feel more exciting than the main character. It was also someone short feeling in the beginning, but the end seemed to drag on.

At the end of the day, it is a Netflix game. Netflix can only do so much compared to the tech giants of today, so that caused my expectations to be very low. That turned out to be a good thing.

I was not expecting much, which meant anything could have surprised me and it did. I also like that it is so accessible to people, which alone raises my rating. I am going to rate Bandersnatch a solid 6 Netflix originals out of 10.