Alex Ayad

While walking on the sidewalks of downtown Lewiston, you may find glass embedded into the sidewalk (as pictured above). This is not a mere decorative choice, but rather a skylight for a series of underground lofts and tunnels.

 Built in 1910, the new cement sidewalks were put in, but since Lewiston’s buildings were closely packed together, a series of underground lofts and tunnels were installed to allow for the delivery of goods to businesses without blocking the front entrances. 

The tunnels now serve a variety of purposes. Pal’s bar in downtown Lewiston was built in one of these tunnels, which is why it’s underground. Most of the tunnels have since been abandoned, but there are other ways to get into the tunnels besides Pal’s bar. For instance, the Center for Art and History also has access to some of the tunnels. 

In recent years, some of the tunnels have become a subject of interest to paranormal investigators. Local historian, Garry Bush (as pictured above) is known for his popular and informative “historical ghost tour” of downtown Lewiston. The tour covers the historical buildings of Lewiston, the tunnels underneath them, and the ghosts that supposedly haunt the area. 

One such section of tunnels is located underneath the popular Blue Lantern Coffee House. Supposedly, a ghost resides in the tunnel underneath the coffee house. According to Gary Bush, in response to the question, “What is your name?” a paranormal investigative team recorded a man’s voice stating, “My name is Walter.” More information for the historical ghost tour can be found at