Big Bumpin’


Caden Massey

Have you ever played a very bad game from your childhood, but because it was one of the only games you had, you loved it to death? That is me with Burger King’s own game, Big Bumpin’. Before you skip this article, just give me a second to make my case. I think you will find my review quite delicious.

Big Bumpin’, along with its partner games Sneak King and Pocketbike Racers are game that were released by Burger King in 2006 to be sold alongside their value menu. They were overall ranked in the “meh” category and are prone to some very game breaking glitches and sloppy design. In Big Bumpin’ you and 3 friends get to ride in bumper cars and play mini games such as “Last Man Standing” and “Hockey”. There is also a story mode that features the “World Bump” that revolves around you becoming the best bumper car driver in the entire world. Yeah. This is real.

Not only all that, but you get to play as popular Burger King characters such as The King, Whopper Jr., a chicken, and some guy named Brett. Furthermore, you get to have a huge variety of cars with 8 different colors, and 2 unlockable cars.

But how does it hold up? Call me crazy, but I think this game is really solid. Yes, it has terrible glitches. Yes, the game design is poor. Yes, the AI is ridiculous. Yes, it is a shameless promotion for Burger King. But so, what! What other game can you play as the Burger King and slam into a giant burger?! What other game can you win the “World Bump”?! What other game can you play that will get you to eat a Whopper?!

I won’t lie. The game is rough. It makes you cringe, but so do your grandparents. Do you hate your grandparents? I sure hope not. It has a pretty trash soundtrack, but that could be because it only has like 3 or 4 songs on it. If anything, those same repetitive songs have grown on me as a gamer. They have made me stronger.

Simplicity, in my opinion is typically a good thing. While I agree that games with deep and intricate stories are great, something hits oh so different about a terrible Xbox game with the boys. Nothing like turning it on, picking the chicken skin and trying to shoot a hockey shot against your friends. It requires no knowledge of the game, because you only need the A button and the joystick. You can pick a funny character, a car, and start bumpin’. Not all games should be like this, but there is just something special about this game in particular. It just feels right.

If you want to try this game (which I think you should), you will have to purchase it for the Xbox 360, because it never saw any other release. It should run you no more than 20 dollars. If you have an Xbox, 4 controllers, and 3 friends, I would tell you that you should get this game. It will give you at least one solid night of fun, and it may even become a classic among your friend group. I cannot speak for the other two games, but Big Bumpin’ for the Xbox 360 gets my rating of 8 Burger King Whoppers out of 10.