New LC State’s Leadership Development Micro Credential program to LC State

Antonia Gutierrez, Assistant Editor

This fall, LCSC added a new program called “LC State’s Leadership Development Micro Credential.” This
is a program based on experiences in activities and organizations that most students are usually involved
in. The purpose of this program is to promote student involvement and leadership.
According to Tate Smith, one of the faculty involved with the program, LC wants to make sure that
graduates have leadership and leading skills. Not only will future employers look at the degree you
earned, but they will also be looking at your experiences, that’s what will really set you apart.
The Student Union Building (SUB) or the Center for Student Leadership is home to different
opportunities that students can get involved with. For example, The Pathfinder, ASLCSC, Peer
Mentoring, and WEB are just a few examples of student lead organizations.
The Career and Employment center is also found in the SUB. This is a great tool that students can use to
find jobs related to their field and stand out from their peers upon graduating.
It takes about two years to receive the full credential, but students are also welcomed to participate and
receive partial credit.
There are two parts to the micro credential. One of them is the leadership spotlight, and the other is a
skill building workshop. The easiest way to explain the program, according to Holly Daugherty, is that
the student’s involvement is going to be “tracked.”
“The LC Leader Spotlight is part of the new LC State Leadership Series that hosts monthly speakers and
workshops focused on individual or professional leadership in the field.  During the presentation,
speakers will share their leadership philosophies by drawing on experiences in education, career,
mentorship, society and/or their field of work.  Speakers will range from faculty, staff, students, alumni
or the greater LC community.”
There are certain events that are required to be completed. The dates for those events is on the Center
for Student Leadership website,
This program is completely free to any enrolled LCSC student. If you would like to receive this micro
credential, email [email protected]