The Simpsons: Hit and Run


Caden Massey

At this point, it seems like I only play Nintendo games, or licensed games. You might be right to assume that, but I just think they are great.

Nothing is as good as a game with some of your favorite cartoon characters in it, and that is why I bought The Simpsons: Hit and Run this summer from my friend.

I had already played this game when I was younger and I have fond memories, so I thought I could relive my childhood during these troubling times and find a moment to relax.

Nothing brings back my childhood more effectively than The Simpsons. The witty jokes, the unique characters, and the zany antics of the town really entertain me.

Can a game about cars really capture the humor of the Simpson family?

Yes. It can. I imagined the game would be a lot less enjoyable as an adult, but it wasn’t.

All the jokes I missed as a kid, on top of just being a better player, made this one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences for me in recent history.

The jokes, while childish, are some of the most refreshing phrases I have seen.

In one cutscene about Bart in Moe’s Tavern, Moe says, “I’m sorry Bart, I just can’t sell booze to a minor, it ain’t right.” And then sells him illegal fireworks immediately after.

It is just so different from what we see nowadays, and it makes me want to rewatch The Simpsons.  They also have some very cheeky one-liners from Bart and Homer that tie it all together.

The missions are also very fun. Some of them involve you racing people, but some of them are about trying to blow up someone else’s car. In one mission you run around Springfield trying to collect monkeys that Dr. Nick let escape. In another, you go buy some ice cream at the store. The game just feels so creative and unique for a licensed game.

The collectables are also a joy to get. The cards you collect all feature an item from the show and gives you a short description on what it is, and what episode it is from.

It is a nice little way to honor the series as a whole. You can also collect all the cars in the game which takes a pretty long time and some serious effort.

On top of that you have all the costumes to collect and that is pretty difficult as well.

One of the few issues I have with the game are that you will only end up driving a handful of cars that you unlock. A lot of what you do in the game will require a fast car, so vehicles like The Plow King, will rarely get used.

Another thing I dislike is that the costumes are terrible to get. You never have enough money, and you don’t need almost all of them. You do however get to play as naked Homer, so I think it is worth it in the end.

If you want to play the game, you may have to shell out a pretty penny. It is available on the Xbox, PS2, and GameCube, but all of them will run you at least 30 dollars.

I think it is absolutely worth it but proceed with caution. I have some very strong feeling for this game, but I could understand how someone might call this game childish. With that in mind I will not give it a perfect score, and rate it 9 duff beers out of 10.