A Hallmark classic that’ll warm you up this holiday season


Rylee Brown

This charming film brought to us by Hallmark, “Christmas on the Range,” will make you want to curl up in a blanket and sit by the fire on a cold winters night and watch more movies like this all throughout this magical season.

Released in 2019, this drama is dynamic because of the romance and action that is mixed within. Directed by Gary Wheeler, who is known for other films such as The Trial, The List, and The Heart of Christmas, this film stars Erin Cahill as Kendall Riley and Nicholas Gonzalez as Clint McCree. They play each other’s love interest in this romantic, but very action-packed Christmas film that takes place on ranch land. A Martinez (as Brick McCree) and Lindsay Wagner (as Lillian McCree) star as the parents of Clint and have large roles in the movie as well.

The plot was everchanging throughout the film and it engaged the audience with every scene. Just when you thought pieces were falling into place to create your typical Hallmark happily ever after, there was an unexpected twist. This gave the film depth and made it more realistic than what you might expect prior to watching. Kendall Riley receives numerous threats from her neighbor, Brick McCree, who is trying to sabotage her family ranch. Not completely sure of why, the bold, courageous and hard-working character of Kendall, sets out to fight back and figure out some deep secretes regarding the history of her family and the McCree’s. Along the way, she meets Brick’s son, Clint, who she starts to develop a budding romance with but is unsure if he, along with his father, is part of the plan to ruin the future of her family ranch. Caught in the middle, Kendall has to learn the truth and figure out a way to overcome these obstacles.

The setting of this movie also allows everything to come together very well. Both the Riley’s and the McCree’s have beautiful ranches, and this contributes to disputes over land and the fight to save one, in Riley’s case, and to expand one, in Brick’s case. It makes it so that conflict can grow between the two families but at the end, there is the potential for everything to come together as well, between not only people but the ranches. On top of that, Cahill and Gonzalez create a duo that seems to have natural on-screen chemistry and the acting flows well with one another.

Overall, this film was a good one and is recommendable. It had a bit of everything which made it more dynamic than your traditional Christmas Hallmark love story- full of drama, action and romance. The acting was truthful and added to the effect a realistic plot. The plot in itself has many twists and turns but they kept it from becoming too confusing or unbelievable. The connection between Kendall and Clint comes naturally and this creates an instant spark between the two as the film progresses. This movie has the perfect balance of action and romance and is not one to miss out on this Christmas.