Cole Hauser stars in new movie filmed in North Idaho


Carlee Smith

Filmed in Moscow, Pullman, and Garfield, the new movie The Last Champion stars Cole Hauser, known for his roles in Yellowstone, Good Will Hunting, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Dazed and Confused.
The Last Champion is about John Wright (Cole Hauser), an Olympian wrestler who had to leave the sport for shocking reasons.
He let his hometown down, but now, many years later, he is back. John’s community still holds a grudge against him, but John is hoping to find redemption by coaching the high school’s wrestling team.
The movie features a stunning cinematography of the North Idaho area. Some scenery may be recognizable to local audiences.
The film also features Randall Batinkoff (School Ties), Hallie Todd (Lizzie McGuire), and Peter Onorati (This Is Us).
The Last Champion is directed and produced by Glenn Withrow, known for directing the fan favorite The Outsiders.
The Last Champion will be released digitally on Dec. 8 on Prime Video, Apple TV, and Google Play, but is available for pre-order on Apple TV now.