New Super Mario Bros Wii


Caden Massey

Another Nintendo game! Yay!
Alright I get it, all I do are licensed games and Nintendo games. It’s true, I’m a basic gamer but just listen.

I like games, and I like having fun. I don’t have very much fun unless the bad guys are dancing to the music in the background.

New Super Mario Bros Wii was released in 2009 and my life was blessed with “Buh! Buh!” for years to come.

If you are confused by what I’m talking about, just look up world 1-1 for this game and you will understand. This game has a special place in my heart as the first 2D Mario game I ever played and I’m glad it was this one.

The musical score is absolutely magnificent. One of my all-time favorite soundtrack hands down.

Everything about the music relaxes you or puts you in the perfect mood for the level. The final boss theme is a mix of gothic and pure fear.

The level design is almost flawless. Every level is made to either run through at a speedrunners pace, or slowly walk and enjoy the ride and find secrets.

If you go fast enough, you even do a flip. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. Can you do a flip if you run fast? Maybe like 10% of people at best. I nearly guarantee you can’t.

What game in 2009 could you play as Toad? Not many I will tell you that. Nothing beats playing as Toad. Nothing.

On the real, the length of the game just seems perfect to me. If you have a problem with the length, then take the secret exits. If you have a problem with it being too long, just play the
extra levels where you have to recover Toad from a stuffed block.

By the way this is a reference to the original games manual that mentions that Bowser turned all the Toads to blocks. I just
thought I would mention that.

Where this game really shines is the multiplayer. This was the first Mario game to feature full multiplayer functionality.

This… functions. I would say this is simultaneously the best and
worst part of this game. While it is funny to have everyone dying and hoping around on the screen, if you are a person who gets easily irritated with people in video games… like myself,
you may have a very frustrating time playing with 4 people.

Nothing like your friends killing you over and over again until you throw a controller.

In my opinion, I would only play this game with 2 people. It makes things a lot more manageable and will keep you from going completely insane.

If you want to play this game, you are in luck. It is for the Wii and everyone has one of those. It is also a pretty common game, so I think you can find one. I think you should get it, because I know I loved it. I rate New Super Mario Bros Wii 9 dancing Koopas out of 10.