The ultimate Christmas movie tier list


Gracyn Richardson

Reviving my now annual holiday  tier list, last year readers of The Pathfinder gave a lot of responses to my Thanksgiving food tier list with major and mild revisions.

I was contemplating doing a list of Christmas food, but there are no Christmas food items that really stand out to me.

Something that does appeal to me is the plethora of Christmas movies that I have watched before, and ranking them on a list.

Starting from top to bottom, we have the “S+” section which stands for, “Superior Plus,” which is virtually the best Christmas movies one could watch.

Starting off with a movie that I have received a lot of hate for liking, The Polar Express has always been my top favorite Christmas movie. It made me feel nostalgic when I first watched it, considering that it was actually one of the first movies I have a recollection of watching in the movie theatre.

My favorite parts of the movie have to be the ominous music
throughout it, along with the freaky scenes with puppets and a repeating record.

The movie overall has a very off-feeling vibe, which for some reason I loved to experience growing up.

Moving on, number two on my list is the classic Will Ferrell’s Elf which is another iconic movie that I have an immense amount of nostalgia for.

The soundtrack is absolutely brilliant, and every time I hear a single song from the movie, I immediately know what it is from and it makes me fill with the Christmas spirit, and I am not a Christmas person.

Next, The Santa Clause 3 specifically is so much better than the
first two. I do not have an explanation for why, but Jack Frost was an icon to me when I was little during Christmas time.

I thought he was hilarious… still do.

Jumping to the “A” sections, we have the classic Frosty the Snowman. Just another nostalgic Christmas movie that was always playing around my grandma’s home during the holidays.

Following Frosty, we have both the Home Alone movies, in order, one then two. Another critical couple of films to watch around the holidays. Sidenote: what is up with Christmas and New York? Why does New York always have amazing Christmas movies surrounding them?

After Kevin’s debut, we have the first Santa Clause. Like I said, the third one is the best.

Next, the classic The Grinch. Gotta be honest, this movie used to play year-round when I was growing up. I love the Grinch, an absolute classic. Moving to the “B” category, the first movie to showcase is A Christmas Story.

I have contradictory feelings about this movie. It scared me when I was young; soap in the mouth, tongue stuck to a pole, and that creepy Santa at the mall.

I would not enjoy watching that movie anymore in my lifetime, but it still remains a classic.

Next is Gremlins. Listen… this is not a Christmas movie. Just like how people say Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Just because they’re happening around Christmas time, does not mean it is a Christmas movie.

End of conversation. Love Gremlins though, always have.
Next, The Santa Clause 2. The worst one out of the trilogy. Boring, does anyone know the actual plot of it off-hand without confusing it with the first and third? No.

Moving to the “C” tier, Nightmare Before Christmas stands alone. I love Tim Burton films, but specifically not that one. Freaks me out.

Going to tier “D” is the knock-off Home Alone movie without Macaulay Culkin. Dumb. Should not have been made.

Next, “How is this a Real Movie,” tier. Only the movie Jack Frost is in that tier. If you have not seen it or read the summary for it, you will understand why it is in this category.

The last tier stars two movies, with the tier titled “This Man Scares Me.” The two movies are the claymation movie Santa Claus is Coming to Town and A Christmas Carol. Again, self-explanatory.