2020 Olympic Games in 2021


Antonia Gutierrez

One of the biggest questions that sports fans and enthusiasts around the world are asking themselves, will we have the Olympic games this year?

The Olympic Games are supposed to bring the entire world together. More now than ever this is needed. The irony is that we can’t be together. This is the biggest issue the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Japanese government are trying to overcome.

As of now, they are moving forth with the games. According to the Olympics’ website, they are to be held this summer from July 23 to August 8.

On February 3, the First Playbook was released. This outlines the safety measure that are going to be put in place. They have provided a framework with directions when they travel to Japan, enter Japan, during the games, and when leaving
the games.

The IOC, Tokyo 2020, and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) have been working on this since December of 2020, along with the World Health Organization, the
Japanese government, and Tokyo’s Metropolitan Government.

This first playbook is for the International Federations and for Technical Officials. There will be different ones for athletes and the media, as they all have different purposes in the games.

Many guidelines have already been agreed on. For example, wellness checks are going to be required starting 14 days before participants arrive in Japan. Testing before and after arrival to Japan will also be required. They have also identified measures that will need to be taken in case of a positive case during the Games.

Athletes will be subjected to very strict measures to ensure their safety while at the Olympic and Paralympic Village.

These include, “limiting the number of time athletes and support staff stay in the Village, restrictions on socializing outside the Village, their movement between official Games venues, and a COVID-19 screening system that will see athletes and support staff screened during the Games.”

IOC Olympic Games Executive Director Christophe Dubi explained the importance of being understanding and flexible. He also explained how nothing is final yet. They are going to be very fluid depending on what situations might arise and change. They will be making sure that all information is released to the public as soon as they know to ensure that everyone is fully prepared.
The good news is that the Olympics will be held this summer. The bad news is that for the thousands of spectators who wanted to be there, that opportunity might not be available.

Live spectators will be allowed at the games. Those who had bought tickets ahead of time who no longer want to attend for their own safety will be issued a refund.

The Playbook is available to the public for viewing and downloading on Olympic.org and on the IPC and Tokyo 2020 websites.