Ask C-Mass

Caden Massey

“For people considering going to LC, what makes it worth it?”

Excellent question loyal reader! Thanks for asking. In my opinion, LC is the most slept on college in Idaho, possibly the United States.

I mean, think about it. You are low-income, and from Idaho. Where else would you go? Imagine a world where you can get through school without having a cent of student loan debt (in a lot of cases).

It is so affordable, that often times people make money from going to school here. If you assume you get the Pell Grant and any other scholarship, you are guaranteed to make money from going to school.

You can go to another school like U of I and get your education and pay a considerable amount more than what you have at your disposal, or you can go to LC and get the same or better education. For example, affordable schools. net ranks LCSC as the number one best affordable paralegal studies programs in the United States.

Let’s say that you were a less than stellar student in high school. LCSC will not turn you down. LC believes that every student has potential. I personally know multiple students with poor GPA’s, ACTs, and SATs that have found massive success at LCSC.

Additionally, LC has dozens of opportunities for students in need of help of any fashion. We have multiple different places on campus and online to get the tutoring you need.

We have student therapy that genuinely cares about each and every student. We have an ex-TRIO program that still serves all of their TRIO students in tutoring, advising, and overall emotional support.

Did I mention there is a food pantry on campus connected to the food bank? Did I mention it is free?

On top of all that, we have a ton of opportunities for students to find work on campus that works around your schedule. A short list of places that are always looking for help are Sodexo, the bookstore, the Learning Resource Center, the peer mentor program, and basically any entity on campus need someone.

So, if you need some light work while working on getting a degree, you are set.

I think the most popular reason for coming to LC, is the sense of family here. I have been here for three years and I would be hard pressed to find a student I have never at least seen walking around.

I can easily name every person in everyone of my classes, and the professors work extremely hard to make sure you feel safe and comfortable in the class.

I actually have a professor that remind me of my mom, but I will never tell who it is. I have made lasting connections that are going to follow me for the rest of my life.

Some of the professors I have had are almost like family to me at this point, and some of my best friends are people I met at an on-campus job or in class.

I hope these answers are acceptable for you, and if you or any other students have any more questions, feel free to send an email to [email protected], or slip it under my door in SUB 227.