Plants vs. Zombies


Caden Massey

I have noticed these past couple of years that society has taken an affinity towards the natural world, while also being very invested in the science fiction shows coming out almost daily.

The average person you know probably has seen The Walking Dead and owns some form of plant, if not dozens. What if I told you that these distinct worlds I speak of can come together to make something greater than the sum of its parts? I am of course talking about the hit game, Plants vs. Zombies.

Pop Cap’s Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense kind of game, mixed with the exciting world of botany. You play as a homeowner during the zombie apocalypse that has nothing to defend himself with except his trusty chloroplast-clad friends.

Only you (with assistance from your neighbor Crazy Dave) can save the neighborhood from the zombie menace.

This plot sounds silly, and that’s because it is. Nothing about this game is meant to be taken seriously. The plants have cute expressions, the zombies dance, and the neighbor rambles on incoherently.

This game was made for you to sit back, relax, and kill zombies.

The art style is superb. Plants smile, cry, explode, and all of it is absolute eye-candy to look at. The colors pop out at you.

The yard you defend has slightly different colored grass in each row so you can easily differentiate between them. The zombies bring in all kinds of new colors from their Zambonis, disco outfits, and bobsleds. There is nothing in this game that is displeasing to look at.

The soundtrack is absolutely to die for. You know you made it as a soundtrack when the internet turns you into a meme. “There’s a Zombie on Your Lawn” is a certified banger. The music that plays on the menu select screen is immaculate. The walnut bowling minigame music always makes me do a whip and nae nae.

Don’t even get me started on the music that plays when you get a new plant! This game can just do no wrong in the music department.

The gameplay itself is a little hit or miss in my opinion. Most of the time it feels pretty easy, but the last few levels can be a little tricky if you don’t know the strategy.

It is a little monotonous from time to time. If you are a Plants vs. Zombies pro like me, you are probably aware of some of the unstoppable strategies you can use to win every level with no sweat.

The minigames and extra content is alright, but after one of two games, it loses all of its magic. I did one round of vase breaker and decided that was enough. It just feels so random and like it doesn’t belong.

However, the Xbox 360 version has a co-op campaign which just adds so much to the game. You and your partner can each do a separate job or manage separate rows.

You also get a broken ability to freeze zombies in place whenever you want. It hits different. Not to mention the versus mode in the game which has the opposing player play as the zombies.

I believe that Plants vs. Zombies is a cornerstone game, and dare I say an essential. Everybody should try this game.

I could not imagine anybody hating this game, but I can understand not loving this game. It is just so relaxing in a world full of high-intensity games.

If you want to acquire this game, it is available on just about everything with a Wi-Fi connection. I think it is actually free on some devices. With all this in mind, I give Plants vs. Zombies 7 disco zombies out of 10.