Trivia Pursuit


Caden Massey

We only play classics here in The C-Mass Corner, and nothing is more classic than Trivial Pursuit. I’m sure everyone is getting sick of me playing games like this, but I don’t care.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I behold bad licensed games. That is why I was pleasantly surprised by Trivial Pursuit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This game came out in 2008 and got no major updates, so unless you like 2008 pop culture questions, this may not be the review for you.

I think that this game is certainly Trivial Pursuit. That I can say unequivocally. I definitely agree that it is a board game on a video game console. Is it much else? Not really. It does have a few different game modes, I guess.

The first game mode is obviously classic mode, which is exactly like you would expect. I personally did not have a very good time here because I could not manage to roll anything I needed to roll, so I got my butt handed to me by my friends.

I also noticed a lot of questions were in the wrong categories, but I thought it was funny when that happened, so I didn’t mind at all.

The next mode is Facts and Friends, which in my opinion was a perfect adaption of the original game.

It makes the game faster, more fit for a TV, and honestly a lot more fun. I would venture to say this is the most enjoyable mode in the pack. You even get to bet against your friends, which causes massive amounts of fighting, and I think that is really cool.

The last mode for Trivial Pursuit is called Clear the Board. This is technically a single player mode, but I find that it is actually a lot more fun with a group of people.

You answer questions in an attempt to get all the pie pieces, similar to the classic mode. The difference is you are trying to do it as fast as possible, and the more questions you answer correctly, the higher your score. I think it is perfect with a group of people.

The main issue I started to see was that most of the pop culture references in the game are of course from 2008, and that makes things very hard. I was eating my boogers in 2008, how am I supposed to know who won an Oscar for best supporting actor?

The game is just full of these kinds of questions, and an update was never released for the game, meaning that no questions got updated. The game is just at this frozen moment in 2008 where all the questions were popular.

The announcer in the game is actually kind of nice to listen to. You would imagine hearing a dude say the same thing over and over again would get old, but I think it is kind of catchy. I would like to meet this guy and shake his hand to be honest.

Alright. Now my issue is, how am I going to review this. On one hand it was probably about the best you could get at the time, but now it is overbearingly outdated.

I laughed and had fun, but it was mostly in part due to the outdated questions.

If you want to buy this game and see what you think, you can get it for Wii, Xbox 360, PS2 and PS3 for pretty cheap, probably about $10. With all that in mind, I review Trivial Pursuit 5 2008 references out of 10.