Humans of LCSC


Jackson Fuller

Begona Andres (senior):

“I don’t usually talk about this idea I once had, but really helps me get by in difficult times, and I thought out of all things I could talk about maybe this could help someone else. This is a very simple correlation and my application on the daily life is used by plenty of people already, but I wanted to talk about inertia.

Inertia is “a property of matter by which it remains at rest or in motion in the same straight line unless acted upon by some external force”. This basically means “a tendency not to move or change”. This concept is used in physics, and it really applies to anything. I like to apply it to my mental and emotional state.

I think sometimes life hits you with tough situations, or assignments you might dislike, or with just a simple daily routine that at a specific moment you don’t feel like doing. It’s always hard finish the summer and start classes, to wake up earlier than usual, to go work out when you’re enjoying the sofa time, to graduate and start adulting… There’s a lot of times when we need to let go of things, moments, people. And it is hard.

However, when those times happen, I try to think of inertia. I just don’t want to change my state. “I’m comfortable now, why should I change? I don’t want to”. Well, a lot of times, we don’t have an option, so the better the attitude, the easier the transition. Other times it’s really up to you if you want something to change or not, but if you don’t change how you do things, how would the result change?”