Beautiful Nothing

Jade Moosman

When you lift off your stomach rises and falls with your heart. Exhilarating speed  freezes the world, but time flies.

Life below shrinks into insignificance.

The hustle and bustle of the world is left behind along with any desire to see the ground again.

Then your whole existence is enveloped by nothing. You are suspended in emptiness.

In all directions the presence of all colors in light is all that can be seen.

It’s that place in between what you know

And what you have only seen from afar.

It leaves you wanting nothing, but the emptiness.

Then you break through the roof and soft blue is the only color that exists; the white, now below you, stretches on and on until it seems to stop and drop off into nowhere. Maybe you could fall into the that expanse

and it would catch and hold you,

suspend you in this beautiful nothing forever.