Ask C-Mass

Caden Massey

What the heck is The Fireside Chat?

Good question loyal reader. If you aren’t very involved in campus media, you have probably never heard of KLCZ and if you haven’t heard of KLCZ, you almost certainly haven’t heard of my show. I am more than happy to explain it though.

The essence of The Fireside Chat is an interview with someone. The interview doesn’t really have a direction, and it is more of a chance for listeners to get to know the guest is question. We wanted to make sure the show would be as organic as possible, while also having some semblance of an interview.

Gabe Mowry, the ASLCSC President and I, the ASLCSC Vice President thought up the idea from FDR’s famous Fireside Chats, where he would give the American people a general rundown of the events happening across the country, and the governments stance on those events. Since me and Gabe are LCSC’s most noticeable student government representatives, we thought we could use it as a way to get the people of LC more involved in campus.

Our goal is to interview or have a chat with someone who is involved with the events that happen at LCSC. We have interviewed a large variety of guests so far. We have talked with Ian Tippets who is a Spanish professor and is involved in a wide range of clubs and organizations, Holly Daughtery who is in charge of all student clubs and organizations, Harlie Jarboe who is the station manager of KLCZ, Martin Gibbs who is the Dean of humanities and science, Andrew Hanson who is the Vice President of Student Affairs, and Dakota Hall who is a member of ASLCSC and an RA.

While having our conversations go any direction could seem somewhat chaotic, it is normally a very civil and often times informative. For example, Martin Gibbs gave a pretty sizable list of book recommendations for listeners. Andy Hanson talked about some personal things from his past that shaped him into who he is today. Dakota Hall talked about his physical health and strategies for staying focused on your health. I think our chats actually contain a lot of life lessons to learn from, and any listener can probably take something from it.

The show is typically live on and our FM frequency (88.9) at 2 P.M. on Fridays. Sometimes we prerecord them, but more often than not it is live. We do plan on having these available through a school outlet at some point in the future.

I would recommend tuning into KLCZ if I were an average student. There are plenty of shows on at all hours of the week. There are sports shows, heavy metal shows, and a ton of other shows for just about an listener. It is also free to get involved with KLCZ, and if you or someone you know was born for radio, they have a great opportunity ahead of them.

Thank you for the good question, I’m glad somebody finally asked that. If any other reader has a question for us, please feel free to email me at [email protected] or slip it under my door in SUB 227.