Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time


Caden Massey

Heck yeah. Finally, a newish game for me to review. Anyone that knows C-Mass knows that C-Mass loves Crash Bandicoot. When Crash Bandicoot 4 was announced, I was practically jumping with joy. Unfortunately, money was bad when the game first came out, so I had to wait a little while to get it. I apologies for the wait on this, but the wait will all be worth it, as you will see ahead.

I can say off the bat, that this is probably the best Crash game to date. I’m not sure it was worth the wait, but it certainly is a home run. Everything this game does trumps the previous installments.

The controls feel great. They are the right amount of tight when they need to be and loose when you want them to be. There was a grand total of zero times where I felt hindered by the controls. Typically, in a Crash game, the controls are either so tight that you have to practically destroy your hands to play it, or so loose that you are getting killed by things you feel are almost out of your control. Not here folks.

The music is outstanding. I often find myself listening to game soundtracks for enjoyment, and this game is no exception. The old music mixed with the new music is so great. I personally enjoy the Cortex boss battle music, as well as the N. Gin boss battle. I would be doing the game a disservice if I didn’t mention the Marti Gras level of the game. While all levels have evolving music, the Marti Gras level has this special feeling to it and I actually found myself doing a little tiny dance to it.

The level design is awesome. The game is split into different themes of levels, but even between those levels, there is a huge distinction. It is unlikely that you will confuse any level for another.

Ok. So, I love this game. The problem I have to talk about that may not be seen as a problem for some is the difficulty of the game. Holy shitake mushrooms this game is difficult. The game actually provides you with a death counter, and on one level I died 70 times. Do you know how many times that really is? It is unlikely that you will play 70 games in your life. It didn’t stop there. Almost every level I played had at least 20 deaths, and nothing kills you more inside than when you put in hours on one level get to the end to find out you missed something you need to complete it.

While I’m at it, completing this game is an absolute nightmare, and I would not force it upon my greatest enemy. You have over 500 collectibles to get in this game, and every single on of them is difficult. I got nowhere close to getting all the gems, let alone the time trials, which by all intents and purposes is impossible. Trying to get the collectibles is a good time. There is a good variety of things to do in the game, and just dipping your toes into the different routes of doing so is a good time.

I will at least mention that you don’t only get t play as Crash. You get to play as Cortex, Tawna (from a different dimensions), and my boy Dingodile. If you don’t know who any of those people are, don’t worry about it. It I a long story. It is a nice mix up to have the opportunities to play as them, even though the Cortex levels are super frustrating.

The boss battles are lit. It quite simply does not miss. I won’t spoil it for you, but I’m telling you that they are easily the best parts of the game.

If you want to buy Crash Bandicoot 4, which I think you should, you can get it for Xbox or PS, but recently it was announced for the Switch. I would not advise getting it or the Switch so you can enjoy it at it’s full potential. It should be about 45 bucks. I love this game and I think you will to. At least give it a shot but be prepared for trouble. Overall, I rate this game 9 Marti Gras out of 10.