Halo 3


Caden Massey

As a seasoned veteran of gaming, it surprises many people to hear that I have barely played anything Halo related. With Halo being the most popular Microsoft series, you would figure I would have played it a little more. All I had accomplished before a few weeks ago was beating Halo ODST (the least played Halo campaign) and being a member of a Halo Reach clan for about 24 hours. So, when my friend asked me to join him in a co-op campaign of Halo 3, I decided to dust off the Xbox 360, and catch up on everything I has missed all these years.

Halo 3 is easily the shortest campaign in all of Halo’s history and it shows. My friend and I ran all the way though the campaign in one night. Some people might like this, some might not, but I don’t really care, so take that however you want.

The gameplay is pretty solid, and I can say there weren’t many times I felt as if I died for a reason I didn’t deserve. Occasionally, I would die when I was behind cover, and that was awfully annoying. Additionally, I found myself getting lost or going the wrong way from time to time. Maybe I have bad gamer sense in FPS games, but I genuinely couldn’t find the way I was supposed to go.

The music is typical Halo music. It sounds good, feels high budget, and is that constant staple that really makes you feel like you are playing Halo. The title screen has that iconic track that makes any gamer shed a tear of delight.

SPOILER ALERT: I feel as if a review of Halo 3 would be incomplete without a comment on the emotional aspect of the story. The easiest one to discuss is Johnsons death, which in my opinion felt a little forced. The way he dies just seems so unnecessary and was added to get the player to want to kill the final boss.

Cortana on the other hand is a very well-developed character, and Master Chiefs connection to her feels real. Watching her slowly descend into insanity feels damaging to the player. You want to save her. You want to make sure she is alright. Perhaps it is my ignorance of Halo as a whole, but you almost feel a romantic desire to save her. At the same time, you also feel like she is your only true friend and saving her is worth risking your life for.

I do notice that the Cove are very annoying. I think their mechanics are kind of stupid and I didn’t really enjoy it. I know a lot of people like them, but I feel as if they are just a worse version of zombies. They also don’t seem to pose very much threat compared to the Covenant.

I failed to get any of the skulls hidden in the levels on my playthrough, because I honestly just forgot they existed. I did however have a few from the multiplayer, but I don’t think having the skulls on adds enough to warrant a second playthrough.

The final scene is awesome. You get to ride a warthog through this crumbling area and even if it isn’t hard at all, it is just so much fun. It is a perfect way to end the campaign, and one of my favorite game endings of all time.

For a Halo game, I liked it. It is probably tied with ODST for me. However, I still don’t love Halo like I love other games. I have tried and tried again but something just doesn’t hit right. If you want to try Halo 3 for yourself you can get the original, or you can spring for the Master Chief Collection. Overall, I am going to have to give Halo 3 a 7 suicidal grunts out of 10.