Super Mario Galaxy 2


Caden Massey

When it comes to things near and dear to my heart, you have to remember two things. Spaghetti and Nintendo platformers. Now if you are trying to tell me
that the main character of Super Mario Galaxy eats spaghetti in his free time, count me in. I loved Super Mario Galaxy when I was growing up, and it was one of the first games I ever completed.

However, I completely missed Super Mario Galaxy 2. I never received it as a gift, and I never bothered to pick it out of fear that I would hate that they just copied the first game. Boy was I wrong.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 has to be one of my favorite gaming experiences to date. I was lucky enough to play it over the summer with my friend who was moving away in August.

I will admit that this fact alone makes it resonate in my mind like mom’s spaghetti. I space my playthrough out by about 20-30 power stars per session,
and I think that is a great choice.

I would recommend you do something similar if you play this game for the first time. It can feel like a really sluggish adventure if you play too much at once.

The controls feel absolutely amazing. I have always found that Mario platformers just perfect when it comes to the controls (minus Mario Sunshine, which is a story for a different day). The simple addition of shaking your controller to get a little extra jump makes the game feel much more interactive and dynamic.

If you make a mistake, it is your fault. You get a ton of opportunities to save yourself and play with the controls in creative ways that make everything you do feel fair and creative.

If you are talking Galaxy, you have to talk about the soundtrack. As I type this, I am actively listening to the soundtrack because it just sparks that certain feeling in you. The idea to use a full orchestra for this game and its predecessor is probably the best musical decision made since Miley Cyrus leaving Disney.

Some tracks are better than others, but every single song is perfect for the atmosphere it tries to capture. Getting Yoshi as a companion is also really cool, and a welcome addition to the game. Controlling your green little buddy never felt better.

In terms of difficulty, I found that this game scaled very well. The beginning is easy peasy and does not require you to play the original game to get the hang of things.

The harder levels are few and far between but when they are hard, they are insanely difficult. I found myself loosing countless lives on the stars in A Stroll Down Rolling Lane and obviously The Perfect Run. Speaking of… The Perfect Run. Coveted as one of if not the most difficult level in and Mario game, if not any game of all time.

This level might as well be impossible for casuals. It took my friend and I over three hours to get to the end of the version where you can take 3 hits, let alone The Perfect Run where you only get 1 hit.

You do have to complete the game in order to unlock this stage, and I can now see why. It is pain. I would not wish it upon my worst enemy. Proceed with great caution.

What can I say about Super Mario Galaxy 2 that hasn’t already been said? It is almost a masterpiece. I would strongly recommend this game to anyone.

It is relatively affordable, and everyone owns a Wii anyway. I struggle to rate this game, because I know that my experience with my friend my be artificially inflating my impression of the game, but wow it seems so perfect.

Overall, I rate Super Mario Galaxy 2 a whopping 10 unforgettable moments out of 10