Super Mario 64


Caden Massey

Super Mario 64 and I have a great relationship. I can count on one hand the amount of
times we have had a domestic dispute, and zero times where domestic violence was brought into
the mix. It has a special place in my heart as one of the first games I have ever played, but how
does it hold up? Let’s get into it!
Let’s talk the camera, since all the fake gamers out there are already complaining about
it. Get over yourself. The camera is not that bad. To be frank, you just need to figure it out.
Everyone expects games to give a perfect camera with no glitches, but all that means is you had
a bad upbringing. This was huge at the time. The camera is glitchy, and it can make you feel like
it got you killed, but you are just weak.
If you think the controls are bad, you are bad. They are intuitive and as easy to use as that
weird controller will allow. People think there are only forward, backwards, and side to side.
Those people just don’t understand that you can move in an entire eight directions. In fact, you
can move in more than that. So enough complaining, just get good.
The movements in Super Mario 64 are a whole lot of fun. If you tell me I can backflip,
I’m going to abuse that. I overuse the backflip because I think it is so funny compared to
everything else. They are the perfect amount of tight and loose. They feel fluid, and any mistake
you make is probably your fault. I think jumping around like an idiot is the most fun thing in the
world. I strongly encourage you spend at least a couple minutes hopping around in the main area.
Swimming is a little slow, and the side jump is borderline useless, but other than that I see no

The soundtrack is iconic. I’m talking the menu music, Bowser fights, Bomb-omb
Battlefield, Jolly Roger Bay, Slide, Flying Cap Switch, Title Theme, Metallic Mario Theme, and
Ultimate Koopa. All bangers. There are a few misses like the cave theme, but those are far and
few between. Almost all soundtracks have some misses, so I won’t hold it against the game.
The bosses are generally good, and I had a lot of fun beating them. Some of them are
really easy, but I can’t tell if that is due to practice and that the game is just easy. Bowser is
pretty tough on the third go around, but no problem for a gamer like me.
I really enjoy the level layouts. Having the whole world at your disposal every time you
go in, so that encourages exploration. And oh goodness exploring is great. It has to be the best
part of this dang game.
I don’t think I could talk about Super Mario 64 in one article for everyone to understand
what I mean by all this, so the simplest solution I have for you is to buy the game. You can
probably find it for 30 to 45 bucks on the 64, but I would advise buying Super Mario 3D All-
Stars for the Switch so you can have three games in one. Unfortunately, you only have until the
end of March to buy it, so get on it! Overall, I rate Super Mario 64 9 bangers out of 10.