Caden Massey

It is time to go where no man has gone before… It is now time for my totally original, never-before-seen, Fortnite Battle Royale review. Hold your praise until the end. I have played a lot of Fortnite in my day, so I think I am the most qualified person to write a review for it. I will be reviewing Fortnite in its entirety. That means Season 1 to now.

First off, battle royale-type games are just fun. I have always liked the idea of people getting eliminated to find out who is the best (though it rarely plays out like that). Just being a battle royale game is enough to gain some points in my opinion. Fortnite has had other game modes, and while they are okay, I would rather go to any other game to play them. 

For example, they used to have an escort the VIP type of game, and that was just meh. The Thanos game mode, however… get out of town! That game mode was absolutely bussin’! I wish it was a permanent mode.

Speaking of crossovers in Fortnite, they are pretty hit and miss. Some good ones include Marvel, the music emotes, John Wick, Marshmello, Travis Scott, and Jordan. I had a lot of fun with these ones, and I wish you could still see them all. 

Some bad ones in my opinion would be G.I. Joe, all the creator-based skins, Houseparty, Aquaman (because Aquaman sucks), and the most disgraceful one of all, Wreck-it Ralph. I’m not kidding when I say the Wreck-it Ralph stuff was absolute garbage. I remember there being a ton of hype for it, and now all I have is a lame emote. I keep that emote equipped to this day just to remember how bad it was. Like literal garbage. If they ever do anything that pitiful again, I will uninstall.

I think the game has come a long way in terms of accessibility which I really appreciate. It added a deaf mode, colorblind mode, and has been ported to the Switch. I have never used any of these, but I think it is important to mention them.

The overall fun aspect is great. The addition of the reboot van was the smartest thing they ever added. I remember that people would just leave the game if they were going to die, but now you have something to keep you in the game. It also encourages communication with your teammates which is huge.

The building is basically the same as it has always been, but I think that is probably for the better. I’m not a huge fan, but I know a lot of people like that added aspect of the game.

As much as I would love to dunk on Fortnite, some of the best times I have ever had on video games were on Fortnite. Something feels just oh so right about yelling at my friends and getting that epic Victory Royale!

I am going to get bullied relentlessly for what I am about to do here, but I don’t care. Before I get to the rating, I will mention that Fortnite is free for everyone, and you should consider downloading it. I am going to give Fortnite Battle Royale 8 epic Victory Royales out of 10. Sorry, mom and dad.