Geocaching: A Fun Escape


Carlee Smith

Geocaching is a fun way to explore the community and to get some sunshine. For those who don’t know, geocaching is like a scavenger hunt.

Geocaching enthusiasts will hide a plastic container or a smaller container that will contain random trinkets. Once you find the geocache, you can take whatever is hid- den inside, as long as you replace it with something of your own.

Then, you place the geo- cache back where you found it for the next person. It is a fun way to visit new places in the community or to make walks more interesting.

Some geocaches need some sort of GPS device, but otherwise, you can just download the free Geocaching app from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

The Geocaching app will show you nearby geocaches and give you hints if you are struggling to find them. Lewiston has plenty of geocaches, there are even two hidden on the LCSC campus!

Another good place to search for geocaches is Hells Gate State Park and you could also get in some hiking if you wanted. For those who are leaving campus for the summer, the Geocaching app has logged geocaches from all over the state.

In a time where Covid-19 has stopped a lot of fun activities because of social distancing, geocaching is a way to get exercise and do some- thing fun by yourself or with friends.

Typed link: https://play. tails?id=com.groundspeak.geocaching.intro&hl=en_ US&gl=US.

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