The War on Health

Brian Ackerman of LCSC

Nurses and Doctors all over the globe are dealing with misinformation and sensationalized news in regard to COVID-19.

From claims that 5G towers are causing the virus to masks causing further respiratory issues that are worse than those of COVID-19.

For many of us life has returned somewhat to normal. There are still social distancing protocols and masking mandates in most areas, but people are more willing to go to public places and go shopping and even sporting events are taking place and cruises are scheduled and flights are going.

But one thing that people have seemed to forgotten is that the health care workers working with COVID-19 it is not business as usual.

Local Nurses have seen many sides of the pandemic. For months they worked in hazardous conditions only to leave work and not be able to see their families.

One Local Physician Assistant said that was the worst part. Getting off work and instead of going home and spending time with his wife and kids he stayed in the camper trailer to prevent spreading the disease.

Finally, there is some hope. With the Vaccine coming out and distributed first to healthcare workers they have a moment of reprieve.

With less hazardous conditions they are not isolated as much and can have human contact again. Emily Scott, Ebola veteran views it as disheartening that patients that were so afraid of Ebola just five years ago a much less contagious disease then COVID-19 are now arguing about the existence of the current killer.

Scott blames the symptoms of Ebola compared to those of COVID-19. she also blames world leaders for politicizing the disease. “Things that are facts, and science, have become politicized.”

COVID-19 was a prominent topic and many political conversations over the past year. Specifically, in regard to the election.

With some officials claiming it is a hoax, to others following all CDC precautions and recommendations it is hard to keep current on the current updates. Those that do not like views opposing theirs will easily find views that match theirs. At that point it really is the blind leading the blind.

Unfortunately, it is not just the public that are spreading this misinformation in some instances it is other healthcare professionals. Frontline workers are even facing issues with family members.

Family members who are opposed to the vaccine or masking mandates or social distancing protocols. Was the vaccine becoming more common more fear has developed of it.

From claims it causes cancer to claims of infertility in Bell’s palsy there is a large amount of vaccine hesitancy in some communities.

In the health care setting nurses are often in contact with patients the most. This gives them unique opportunity to intervene in an attempt to correct misinformation believed by patients.

Most of the blame lays with ow medical literacy. The general public is not well equipped to review medical journals and documents.

Educating patients how they can understand basic medical terminology and how to decipher these medical journals and studies will benefit greatly in the fight against misinformation.

With Information available the belief is that it will be easier to understand and led to less conspiracies if the truth is easily understood by the lay person.

When facts and science are ignored simply for political reasons such as retaining a voter base appealing to younger voters or whatever it may be it endangers everybody. From children to the elderly.

With mask mandates being lifted around the country it is hard for health care workers not to feel bitter. “It’s a spit in the face” says Carnegie a nurse from Temple, TX in regard to Governor Abbott’s recent mask mandates being lifted.

Carnegie continues “they act like they are proud of their frontline workers. Then they go and do something like this, and it taxes the medical field tremendously.”

Even a local health care worker who requested to remain anonymous stated “At the beginning of the pandemic there was lots of gratitude and support from the community. Now, however. With misinformation being spread rampantly it is hard to keep up.”

With 535 people in Congress unable to agree on solutions or even precautions how can we stem this flow of information? Brian Southwell a professor at Duke University believes Anytime the patient trusts you enough to talk to you about this is it Golden opportunity to educate them.”

With so much misinformation in the world today it is nice to get the real story and information from the experts. Trust your doctor.