Mario Kart Wii Track Tier List


Caden Massey

As you can see, I have created a tier list for the Mario Kart Wii tracks. I thought maybe it was time to mix things up a little bit, and I felt as if a review would not do much. After all, it is just Mario Kart. I will explain my choices from F to S in some detail, but if I touched on every track, I would write 10 pages. Also, this is just my opinion. Please be nice to me.

In F tier we have SNES Mario Circuit 3, DS Yoshi Falls, Luigi Circuit, and GBA Bowser Castle 3. Most of the reason these are at the bottom of our list is because they are relatively uninspired. They are the maps that nobody picks because every other map does what these maps do but better. For the most part, with the exception of GBA Bowser Castle 3, they are pretty boring. Bowsers Castle 3 was on the cusp of D tier, but some map had to dropdown. Sad days.

In D tier we have Mario Circuit, Toad’s Factory, N64 Mario Raceway, DS Desert Hills, DS Peach Gardens, and GCN Mario Circuit. Similar to F tier, these are uninspired in a lot of areas. I know that Toad’s Factory is a hot take, but it isn’t somewhere I would recommend. If you are looking for a map like that, just go to Mushroom Gorge. Also, DS Desert Hills is the worse of the two desert maps.

In C tier we have Moonview Highway, Mushroom Gorge, GBA Shy Guy Beach, Dry Dry Ruins, Daisy Circuit, GCN Peach Beach, and DS Delfino Square. This is about the point where people recommend these maps. Under C tier, you rarely see anyone pick these maps. Some would argue Mushroom Gorge is ranked a little higher, but I disagree. It is relatively short, and kind of boring. Moonview Highway is also a very polarizing map to most groups. Some love it, and some hate it. For that reason, it gets a comfy seat in C tier.

In B tier we have N64 Sherbet Land, Maple Treeway, N64 Bowser’s Castle, N64 DK’s Jungle Parkway, Moo Moo Meadows, GCN DK Mountain, and GCN Waluigi’s Stadium. I think the hottest take here is Waluigi’s Stadium, but I think it isn’t the most visually pleasing. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a good map, but I think it leaves a lot to be desired. I have seen both the DK maps rated higher, but I rarely find myself picking them. Honestly, I think Sherbet Land may be a little higher than what I have here, but some people hate it. I think what sets out the B tier from the C tier is the presence of an environment. You feel a little more immersed when you play on B tier in my opinion.

In A tier we have Wario’s Gold Mine, Bowser’s Castle, DK Summit, Grumble Volcano, and Koopa Cape. These maps are absolute bangers. The music on them is great, the maps are fun and dynamic, their lengths are solid, and you could expect to see most of these maps in a Grand Prix. I think other than Koopa Cape, all of these maps have the potential to break into S tier. The only argument I could see for a map to drop would be DK Summit for being annoying to play on, but I think that is a bonus.

Our S tier from last to first goes SNES Ghost Valley 2, Coconut Mall, and Rainbow Road. I put Ghost Valley 2 in S tier because it is my favorite map, but I know a lot of people would put it at F or D tier. They can get bent. I know it is short, and I know it is bland, but it is far and away my best map. Coconut Mall is dynamic, a perfect length, and has the best music on the entire game. Rainbow Road is obviously the best map in the game and has some of the best music period. It is long, dynamic, has some different routes, lots of speed, and is just generally pleasing to look at. An easy number one pick.