OP-ED: The Comfy-Trendy Top

Gracyn Richardson

If you’re part of the millennial generation or into gen-z, you more than likely have the app TikTok downloaded onto your phone.

TikTok has a plethora of, “different sides,” which mean you will see creators that are more catered to who you are as a person due to TikTok’s ability to use other cookies off your phone, and it plays along with your own algorithm and shows you things you like.

For myself, my feed is full of people around my age who like fashion, furniture, and other things that I particularly enjoy.

To get to the point, this past year, a Victoria’s Secret corset was trending on TikTok, showing off how beautiful it is.

Albeit, the corset is cute, cuter than the average Amazon corset. At a whopping $33, I bought the beautiful lace and waited patiently by my mailbox for four days.

The days passed slowly, and I finally received the top… but it was a lot better through the eyes of my phone screen.

It’s a body issue thing–I am self-conscious about my arms, but I thought that the top accented my ribcage nicely, but it overall felt very constricting. It was one of those tops that I hung up in my closet and said, “for when I’m 10 pounds skinnier.”

After feeling defeated, I scrolled aimlessly through Pinterest and came across something life-changing. Coming in at $31.20, a small-business[1]owned baby pink corset top stole my attention off the tattoo ideas littered on that app.

Made by TopsWorld on Etsy, the top was marked down 20%, which was yet another reason why I needed the top in my life. I got a $40 top for $30, and the product really shows its price with how high quality the fabric is, and makes me feel like it could’ve been sold for $100 off Victoria’s Secret without a doubt.

The fabric is stretchy and seems like it would not break if you were to breathe too deep. Un[1]like the actual Victoria’s Secret corset, the top is so much more comfortable and has more fabric coverage but still makes me feel confident.

Pros: The top still hugs your waist tightly, but comfortably, and has the same sort of floral design that is on the corset from Victoria’s Secret.

Con: it obviously is not the exact same as the corset I got, but I wasn’t trying to find a re[1]placement.

An actual con, the small sequins/beads do tend to fall off of it, and you should hand wash it–it can’t withstand the wash[1]er and dryer tumble, or at least mine cannot.

Overall recommend the top from TopsWorld due to its price and comfortability over the corset from Victoria’s Secret, and I still feel like it has the same dainty-feminine feel.

I love both the tops, and I am happy to have both, but I would like to have small businesses get my money rather than larger corporations, which should be a philosophy that more people need to take on!