OP-ED: How to Create Space

Gracyn Richardson

I think it’s in our human nature to live in crappy small apartments at least one time in our lives.

Whether it be a one bedroom one bathroom or somehow no bedrooms and two bathrooms, it always feels like we never have enough space to do things, which I beg to differ.

I believe that we all have much more space than we think, and we can utilize the space we have in different sorts of ways.

By creating space, I am referring to being able to organize furniture, dress walls, and im[1]prove the overall layout of your apartment in easy steps.

Step 1: Draw it out

I know it may seem a bit silly but sitting down with a note[1]book or scratch paper and drawing out what furniture you have can give you a stylistic outlook that you never knew you needed.

When I rearrange my furniture, I always forget about an extra small ottoman I have or that weird stack of books in the corner that takes up space.

Overall, drawing out your furniture or decor pieces that you know take space can help you visualize where to move them.

Step 2: It doesn’t have to be against a wall

I think an average working brain would usually push beds, dressers, and vanities up against walls, which I do agree with to a certain extent.

Things like vanities where you need an outlet for your makeup lights can be understandable, but what people don’t realize is that you can create walls with things like bookshelves you scored off Facebook Market[1]place, the backs of couches can be in the middle of your living room and create a path to the kitchen that you would have never thought of!

Placing big pieces of furniture in open areas also creates depth to your space, which can make it seem larger pr designated for certain things.

Step 3: If you have a patio, that’s basically an extra living room

Even though harsh summers and freezing winters are a factor, an outdoor enclosed patio is an[1]other place you can dress up and hang out on more than once a year.

My patio is my favorite place in my apartment, with tapestries hung for privacy and big ham[1]mock chairs.

Even a small tent filled with fun lights and a space heater acts as another place for me to relax and be alone, to do homework, or to watch movies in on my laptop with friends.

Overall, there is a lot you can do with your space, much more than you would think.

I highly recommend Pinterest to look at for inspiration when spacing out your furniture. Remember, draw out your furniture, don’t shove everything against a wall, and be creative with the space you’re given!