LC State offers accessibility services to students


Kathryn Black

LC State has a wide variety of students. Of these students, many have disabilities. Luckily for LC, the college has amazing
people who can help with accommodations.

Autumn Greene the LC State Accessibility Coordinator is who works with most students in need of services.

Her office is in the campus library, room 161. Students can
reach Greene at 208-792-2677.

To email the accessibility office, email [email protected]

Dawn Lesperance is the Director of Accessibility Services as well as E-Learning Services. Her office is located in the Sam Glenn Complex, Room 214. Lesperance can be reached at 208-792-2318.

To email her directly, email [email protected]

She works mainly with more complex issues that require peacekeeping between many individuals. If there is an issue with the accommodations on the side of the student, family, or faculty, she works through it, whereas Autumn Greene works with everything else in accessibility services.

Together, they work hard to make campus life easier and more peaceful for all LC-State students.

The accessibility services they provide are very wide. If students have a service animals, an emotional support animals, need accommodations in classes, and more, they can go to Autumn Greene and she will find a way to accommodate those needs.

Accessibility services cover accommodations for the long and short term, help educate faculty on a variety of issues and how to help, and work with the community on overall accessibility.

They understand that needs can change and they can change
and make other accommodations. They will help students in any way they possibly can and they continue to discover new ways to help.

They also work with counseling services and the student health department to continue to help LC State students through any issues students come across to make their college years the best that they can be.