The LGBTQIA+ Agenda

Cassandra Arc

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) club held a business meeting on Tuesday the 24th at 6 p.m.

At this meeting we discussed plans for numerous GSA related events including our welcome fair booth, biweekly game nights, business meetings, and educational opportunities.

Last week LC State’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance club held a booth at the welcome fair on the beautiful sunny Wednesday morning.

GSA’s president, Kason Seward, and the faculty advisor, Amy Bond, ran the booth for the entire duration of the fair.

The GSA is proud to announce our first event of the year on
Tuesday the 31st of August. We will be hosting the first of our biweekly game nights that evening at 6pm in the Student Union
Building Clubhouse located on the top floor of the SUB.

We hope it’ll be a fun, light hearted night of board games in
a safe space for LGTBQ individuals to express themselves and
meet other members or allies.

In addition to the game nights on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month we hope to run educational events on the third Tuesday of each month.

These events will be geared towards providing resources to LGBTQ individuals or allies. The GSA will provide more information on the content of our first educational event in the next issue.

A special thank you to the many faculty and staff that continue to be supportive of LGBTQ individuals on this cam pus and a happy welcome to all the new students.