ASLCSC Calendar

Hannah Winter

ASCLSC had their first official meeting of the school
year on Tuesday, August 24th. Dr. Andy Hanson
explained the COVID testing procedure and what we
expect to see in the next month or two.
Specialized Senator positions were declared and the
representatives holding these positions are as follows:
Pro Temp; Isaiah Ewing
Committees; Kati Wilkins
Media Relations; Hannah Winter
Justice Senator; Chloe Birkmaier
Dr. Hanson updated ASLCSC on Tuesday, August
24th and noted that there has been a rise in COVID
cases and the reports will continue to be closely monitored. He reiterated that we need to all do our part to
be able to release the mask mandate in the near future.
The events that ASLCSC has been running have
been great successes as there has been an outstanding
amount of student participation. Trivia night and Hot
August Nights had over 60 students participate and the
Welcome Fair had more than 400 first time logins on
the DO MORE App!
President Massey, and Senators Hutchins, Wilkins,
and Drover participated in the Native American Alumni Chapter Golf Tournament on Saturday, August
28th placing second to last. President Pemberton even
bought a hole for the team!
ASLCSC will be hosting another Trivia Night on
September 30th with three new categories.
Warrior Wednesday will be September 22nd, during
Homecoming Week, and ASLCSC plans to bring back
Bed Races for an evening activity! If you are interested in making a team for Bed Races, please contact
ASLCSC for more information. Final details of this
event will be advertised soon.
Interested In Learning More About
ASLCSC has open meetings every Tuesday from 4:30PM-5:30PM in SUB/CSL
143 or you can join via Zoom.