“Matt the Knife” stuns student body of LC State

Michele Poirit

LC State hosted popular magician, Matt The Knife Wed. August 25.

Fortunately, he agreed to answer some questions for the
Q: What has been your favorite thing about continuing your
“I get to see and experience so much, such as getting to climb The Great Wall of China three times, going to 21 countries… I really enjoy the autonomy it gives me. I get to be my own boss, deciding what I want to do on stage, it’s all up to me.”
Q: What led you to choose Matt The Knife as your stage name?
“I didn’t choose it, it’s actually an old nickname I’ve had since I was a teenager. My last name is pretty hard to pronounce, so my friends came up with a nickname. So I’ve had this name since way before I started doing magic.”
Q: Where have your favorite venues been, and why? “New Orleans, such a party city and the people are always so excited to see the show.”
“London as well, the British dig my kind of humor and Europeans still really respect magic as a profession.”