Short Story Segment

Rejoice Denhere

“Words are not Enough to Explain”

It takes effort to make a friendship work, willingness to mend one and love to sustain it. My sister and I have learned this, and we have been emotionally connected from the day she came into my life like the blessing I always yearned for.

We call each other soul sister’s because I feel her pain and she share’s my joys. It’s literally a “sisters by chance and friends by choice narrative.”

In rooms full of people, we choose to stay together and just like a star, she does not always shine but she is there when I need her.

Now let me introduce my sister: she is 15 but her mind is more developed than a 21-yearold, she is extroverted yet intro verted when she goes through hurdles of life, she is the kind of person to give you her last sandwich out of the deep kindness of her heart. She is an intellect but also outgoing. let me take you back to the day I “met” my sister Josephine!

This has to do with the day my sister was born. She was so tiny and the first time I held her she looked at me and began to shed tears. I was heartbroken because all I wanted was a relationship my new sister but all she seemed to want was to be out of my arms. I decided to give up after a few seconds because patience was not a word in my vocabulary.

As I tried to pass her to my mother, she held my finger and
would not let go. We tried several times but then I realized that all she wanted was to actually cry in my arms. I decided to pat her and walk around with her for a few minutes and she was
asleep and yes still holding tightly onto my finger.

That was the first the first time our souls connected and we have been inseparable ever since. Love is all about the other person or at least I agree with that statement, but as an older sister I have always been someone my sister looks up to. This has not always been easy but when I work in school, or sing in church, or make big decisions that affect my sister I always make sure that whatever decision I take is one that my sister will would want to take.

As a firstborn you want to make sure that as you leave your footprints, they are going to be beneficial for your siblings because not only do you set the pace but also the morals and sometimes the direction in which they go.

Not everyone looks up to their sister but Josephine looks up to me and I am always proud and ecstatic to be her mentor, heroine, and best friend.

When many people hear the word love they think of romantic relationships.

Love is not math so u can’t calculate and although you feel it does not have a map. My sister’s love is warm, consistent, and peaceful although it has its ups and downs. There is no final destination to our love except death being our separator.

She is perfect in her own way and it’s not for the whole world to understand but I do and the love I share with her is immeasurable.

I can write all day and explain our relationship but no amount of words could ever be enough to express my emotions. People search for treasure but mine came from the womb of my mother Gladys which is a name for royalty.

My sister is a princess and a sister by fate but best friend by choice indeed.