ASLCSC Calender

Octavio Serecero

September 2
– Members of the council all gave individual updates in regard
to their assigned jobs for Warrior Wednesday
– Asked for volunteers to help with Community Drone Day -Oct. 9
– The council discussed the need for a CTE Senator. The candidates were Senators Serecero, Hutchins, and Drover.
– Senator Berling is the CDA representative moving forward

September 7
– Council discussed candidates for CTE Senator, and
requirements for the position
– Talked with Warrior Zone representative Devon
Caruso about ASLCSC sponsoring the first 100 shirts for
Warrior Zone
– Went over possible expenses for LCSC Beach Party and
voted on paying for the first 10 cars to attend the LCSC
Beach Party
– Voted on Warrior Wednesday budget, and the budget
was approved

September 9
– Continued to discuss details on requirements for CTE
senator position this semester
– Council discussed and decided to wait on voting on
Warrior Zone sponsorship, until details are confirmed
on Warrior Zone’s side of operations
– Discussed possible events for October such as Pumpkin Palooza
– Briefly discussed other future events such as Jar Wars
or maybe Christmas Craft Fair

September 14
– Transportation had to change for the LCSC Beach Party,
since Lewiston school district was unable to share buses due
to limited drivers
– Finalized details for Warrior Wednesday for homecoming,
such as food, prizes, and cart-race event details
– Voted on sponsoring Warrior Zone, and the move passed