Where has Catniss gone?

Where has Catniss gone?

Ensley Keith

For the people that were on campus last year, and years past, you are probably familiar with Catniss the Campus Cat. Catniss is a friendly, little gray female cat that was owned by a family a street away from campus who let her roam around.

However, as I’m sure many of you may remember, she disappeared sometime in November of last year after she was spotted multiple times without her collar. Well, if you were as worried about her as I was, looking around campus for her and getting more and more worried the longer you went without seeing her, here’s the news about what happened with Catniss.

Sometime in November, Catniss’ previous owners took off her collar and moved, abandoning her without food, warmth, or shelter. After multiple people taking her
to the security office, enquiring about the absence of her collar, it was discovered that the owners had left her behind.

With this information, the search for a new owner for Catniss was afoot. After a few calls and some contemplation, she found her forever home. She is now a spoiled lap cat in a home where she has everything she could possibly need and want. She is happy and healthy in her new home, so don’t worry about her anymore, she’s happier than ever.

However, if you still want some cat cuddles on campus, there is a new campus cat. He is a small black cat with a notched tail named Dean. He doesn’t have a collar but he is part of a family close to campus, so don’t take him home with you, no matter how much you might want to.