LC State Homecoming 2021’s Grocery Cart Race


Alyssa Smith

This year’s homecoming was a great one, especially since we are coming off ‘the year of COVID’.

Warrior Wednesday was the place to be; there were so many events that night it was hard to decide where to be.

The day started off with music, games, and booths outside the Student Union Building. Different clubs and organizations
had free entertainment for the students.

The next big event was the Grocery Cart Races hosted by the Associated Students of Lewis-Clark State College. The Grocery Cart Races are replacing the classic Bed Races. That goes back years as a homecoming tradition.

However, it has become a hazard and the school has adapted well to the new form of races. The carts were surprisingly comfortable, at least for those inside the cart. There were thick cushions placed in the bottom.

The runners however, had a completely different experience. To start the race it was completely uphill, and it was this way for most of the
first half of the race.

After the first turn around the activity center it became a bit easier, but all the energy spent in the first half going uphill the second half was just about nearly as bad.

The safety meeting before the race was run by Nik Bertling. He made sure teams did not resort to foul play. Bananas, red shells, green
shells, and spiny blue shells were strictly prohibited.

Nursing students were also stationed around the course in case a crash did occur. Teams of three raced grocery carts for speed, spirit,
and style.

The winning team for speed was PPSP, the winner for spirit was the Grocery GoGetters, and the winning team in style was the Rodeo

Although most of the course was away from the festivities, the crowds welcomed each team as they approached the finish line.
The center of campus was alive with excitement and happy students, a rare occurrence at LC State.

Photos by Hannah Winter