The Family Behind the Rodeo Club


Ace and his rider Mya Peterson (pictured left) and his brother Thunder and his rider Alyssa Smith (pictured right) pose for a picture

Alyssa Smith

The rodeo club at LC State is an all inclusive equine experience thanks to Kati Wilson and her daughter Collette Herrman.

All horses and tack are provided for the club which allows students who have no experience to learn. This is an extremely rare and valuable experience available for all students at LC State. The horses,
however, are not owned or provided by the school.

The horses and equipment are personally owned by the mother-daughter duo. Kati is the assistant director in the Institutional Research and Effectiveness department here at Lewis-Clark State.

She has been working with horses her whole life, and brings an abundance of knowledge and experience to the club. Collette is a full time student, mom, and wife as well as helping haul horses and teach students at every club meeting.

She was also raised in the equine world. Her horse, Thunder, is a gentle giant. When she went away while in the Coast Guard, Thunder barley kept himself alive while she was gone, they have such a strong connection it is hard to believe.

Collette also, inadvertently, provides entertainment for those waiting to ride. They are her two sons
Brayton (age ten) and Kepper or Kep (age six).

Brayton is a superb rider for his age and competes in team pennin as well as roping. He is known to
chase after his brother and roping him by the ankles.

Kep is a great sport. He loves to run around and talk to all the students there for the club. He is known to leave with half of the arena sand in his boots.

He has his very own horse named Cupid, who is the perfect horse for him. Cupid unfortunately went
blind recently on one side due to an infection that got out of control, but he is still the calmest horse out of the bunch.

Along with the whole family being born and raised surrounded by horses, two of the noble steeds were actually also born and raised with the family. Ace and Thunder are brothers, even though they look nothing alike.

Both were raised as colts by the family. They are registered with the American Paint Horse Association (APHA). Their mother, Bonnet, was Kati’s horse until she passed.

Brayton (pictured right) ropes his younger brother Kep (pictured left) around the ankles as he tumbles to the dirt. This is a common occurrence at the club meetings.