ASLCSC Calender

Tyler Drover

September 16

-Decided on prizes for the Cart Race including metals and a $25 bookstore gift card
– Cart route is finalized, waivers are finished, nurses have volunteered to help, we still need cones
– Vice President Dak finished making a promotional video for Cart Racing
– Briefly discussed our legacy project ideas

September 21

-Voted on our new CTE Senator, Ryle
– The GSA proposed that we help them with a more inclusive survey, we approved
– Everything is ready for Cart Races and Warrior Wednesday
-Justice Senator finished making interpretation for CTE
Senator, allowing Zoom office hours

September 23

-Council discussed how the Cart Races and Warrior Wednesday went
– Discussed the possibility of doing a pet fair in October instead of Craft Fair
– Decided to do Jar Wars in November with the earnings going to a charity
– Assigned members to internal committees to make sure that all goes well

September 28

– Finalized that we are canceling craft fair, but would still like to see another committee run it
– Finalized Paws and Pals in October, Jar Wars in November with all earnings going towards charities
– Agreed that the legacy project will consist of, new Kindercollege equipment, a time capsule, and a mural
– President Massey informed the council that we need to help the library by archiving our papers and other events going forward