Priority Registration incentives; meet with your advisor today!


Pathfinder Staff

LCSC Spring Registration is November 8 – 11, and students can start planning their spring schedules now. Web registration for Spring 2022 will be available at 8:00 a.m. each day during the week for currently enrolled students.

Besides getting an optimal schedule, the Registrar’s Office will randomly select one student each day to win a $250 Bookstore gift card.

Current students can schedule courses, including choosing dates and times, from the Student Planning link located in WarriorWeb. On the general LCSC website, the Program Requirements and Sequential Plans tabs listed for each major and minor show students the right courses to take for their degree or certificate. Advisors can also help students determine course plans for fall 2022 and beyond.

Students should meet with their advisors in the next four weeks to discuss their planned courses for
spring 2022. Learners who are changing majors should inform advisors in order to make the necessary degree and course adjustments. If students are not sure who their advisor is, they can click the Advising tab in Student Planning.

Students should also check ahead of time in WarriorWeb to see if there are any holds that will prevent them from registering. Parking tickets and other fines must be paid to ensure a
clear release to register.

“Sometimes students wait to register because they are busy with midterms, projects, and personal responsibilities. But I strongly encourage students to take advantage of priority registration so that they acquire the most ideal class schedule.

As an added benefit this year, every student who registers during the week has the chance to win one of six $250 Bookstore gift cards!” said Debra Lybyer, Senior Director of Academic Advising and the LCSC Advising Center.

Additionally, the division with the highest percentage of students registered will be provided one additional $250 gift card which will be awarded to a randomly selected registered student within their division.