ASLCSC Calender

Kati Wilkins

September 30

– Decided on three legacies projects to move forward with: a mural, improvements at the KinderCollege, and a time capsule.
– A Pet Show and Tell is currently in the works for some time in October after mid-terms.
– Reviewed how to give committee reports.
– Set up project proposals for the legacy projects.

October 5

– Introduced legacy project updates to the agenda to keep us on task until they are completed
– Pet Show and Tell preparations are going well. Waiting to here back on some of the logistics.
– Caden and Tyler have begun to archive ASLCSC files for the library.
– Working on getting the ASLCSC Constitution and Bylaws translated into Spanish.
– Ryle, Dakota, and Tyler have been tasked with finding the old time capsule.

October 7

– Tate Smith showed us a mockup and price points for a new display case for ASLCSC headshots to go in the SUB; He also shared possible mural locations and other legacy project ideas.
– Ryle is working on getting his office hours over Zoom at the Schweitzer Building.
– Pet Show and Tell is looking good, still waiting to nail down a date.

October 12

– Parliamentarian of two years Kason Seward officially resigned.
– Dr. Hanson informed us of a new state legislature that will possibly bring changes to student fees in regard to funds for clubs and orga nizations. Residence Life will be decorating campus for the holidays, we can join as well. Working on trying to get the Craft Fair back by partnering with another organization on campus.
– Holly Daugherty’s last day will October 29th
– Pet Show and Tell will be held on Friday October 29th from 12-2, working on reserving the amphitheater

October 14

– Warrior Zone sponsorship update: They do not need money for shirts, but possibly for spirit towels.
– Legacy Project updates: KinderCollege

– Discussing buying them some new play equipment. Mural- Discuss design and location ideas. Time Capsule

– Have a jumping off point.
– The ASLCSC Pet Show and Tell will be in the Amphitheatre of theSUB on October 29th from 12-2.
– Entertained new ways to get in touch with the students.