ASLCSC Calender

Ryle Hutchins

October 19
– Holly Daugherty reported that after contacting vendors a good amount of them would be interested in participating in the Craft Fair.
– Andy Hanson reported that the State Board of Education would be hosted by LC State on the 20th and 24th and that student fees would be discussed, and Dr. Hanson reported that LCSC would be doing a Christmas lighting.
– Gabe Mowry requested funding and help purchasing items for the Music Club, and ASLCSC decided to turn the proposal into a legacy project.
– The budget for the Pet Show and Tell was approved.

October 21
– VP Dakota Hall and Senator Tyler Drover started preparing for Jar Wars.
– The mural project was discussed with members of admin.
– Holly Daugherty reported that the Craft Fair would have around 40 vendors, and the information was sent to Dr. Hanson.
– The Pet Show and Tell had been officially approved.

October 26
– President Pemberton approved the Craft Fair, and vendors will be in the WCC, and potentially the SUB and Auxiliary Gym.
– Dr. Hanson reported that the State Board of Education approved that there will be a way for students to opt out of fees for student organizations.
– The paperwork for the Pet Show and Tell was sent out and the location was approved.
– The old time capsule was located, and we found out that it is between the WCC and the SUB.
– Thomas Storm was hired as the new parliamentarian.

October 28
– It is being considered for the mural to be located at Sam Glenn.
– Kati Wilkins is preparing to meet with Tate Smith and staff from Physical Plant to discuss a location for the new time capsule.
– Dakota Hall has started a discussion about trying to retrieve the old time capsule.
– ASLCSC discussed the possibility of matching the money fundraised by clubs for Jar Wars.