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Question: I need to earn some money… Where can I find a part time job that would work with
school? Sincerely – Empty Wallet

Dear Empty Wallet: I myself have had to juggle school as well as a part-time job to pay for my expenses. It can be a hard task to find just the right part-time job especially when you already have a full schedule of college classes.

Relax and BREATHE, because, believe it or not, there are more part-time jobs than most people realize right here on our school campus. I went straight to the experts to find resources that might help you and anyone else out there in the same situation!

Makenzie Hollingsworth, ([email protected]), the Coordinator of Employer Relations and Student Employment at the Student Employment and Career Center gave incredible advice to help those of you searching for a job.

If you are concerned about needing and wanting a job but have zero experience, what should you do? Mackenzie has excellent and encouraging advice that includes Handshake, a platform for discovering jobs.

“The cool thing about Handshake,” Makenzie said, “is that the job opportunities listed on Handshake are geared towards college students working towards a degree or recently graduated with limited experience.”

Lack of experience is one of the primary reasons that prospective employees hesitate to apply for a
job. What is amazing is that Handshake makes the application experience easier for those who are endeavoring to enter the work world.

“You won’t find job postings that require a Bachelor’s Degree plus 4 years experience,” Makenzie added. She also recommends that if you are a student who is living on campus and do not have access to transportation, to start looking at on campus position opportunities.

“We know the positions on campus will work with a student’s schedule while also creating a great
experience for our students,” Makenzie shared. The Director for Student Employment – Career Center & LC Work Scholars, Erin L. Cassetto, (elcas[email protected]) also provided her thoughts on the factors students might want to consider during their job search.

“Between LC State’s Lewiston Campus and Coeur d’Alene Center, there are 200 jobs available on
campus for students each year; and, these jobs come with perks!” Erin shared.

On campus positions are a great way to network and build resume experience.

“If there isn’t something available on campus, and the student has the means to get to and from a job site off campus,” Makenzie explained, “we would work with them to find opportunities that  align with what they desire in a job.”

Start your journey on the right foot by stopping at the Student Employment and Career Center. Makenzie also outlined the five important steps that students could take to make the job searching process easier.

The first step is to activate and build a profile on Handshake (

Second step, head down to the Student Employment and Career Center and get your resume reviewed professionally during a 1:1 appointment.

The third step is to attach your newly polished resume to your Handshake profile, where a potential employer might be looking for the perfect part-time employee, review your profile and then contact you.

“Yes, employers do reach out to our students directly to see if they are interested in their positions,” Makenzie confirmed.

The fourth step is to decide where you would like to look for employment, either an on campus,
or off campus position.

Finally… the fifth and final step you’ve all been waiting for (drum roll): Apply for jobs!
Wait, wait, wait. What if a student goes through all of these steps, gets to the part where they are being asked to join an employer in an interview, and then has absolutely no professional clothing to wear to the interview?

Well, you are in luck! The Student Employment and Career Center has a Career Closet that provides professional clothing to students, for free!

Not only that, the center also offers spaces for students who need to conduct professional interviews. This is for on campus students who need to meet with a potential employer.

The provided space guarantees a quiet and professional atmosphere for an in person interview. Erin explained the questions that the students are asked will gauge their motivation in their job search.

“Sometimes we’ll meet with a student who just needs to make some money, but we will also ask what the student’s end goal is,” Erin said.

Erin brought up more thought-provoking points for employment seekers out. “We all know that McDonalds is paying $15.00 an hour right now, but can you earn an internship while working there?” Erin asked and continued, “Can you co-author and publish scholarly research? Do our area retail or fast-food locations offer you an out-of-state tuition waiver?”

Instead of focusing purely on making money and getting by, Erin points out this often overlooked
factor that students might want to be made aware of and consider all aspects of the position.

“Like many jobs that offer benefits you can’t always compare one dollar amount to another,” Erin explained, “you really should be thinking about the full package: hourly wage + perks (or benefits).”

Some jobs offer lunch or dinner, this might be especially helpful on the budget and the money amount is not factored into your hourly wage. That might amount to an extra five to ten dollars a day which will definitely impact your budget.

“This is when it is important to ask the student what their main motivation is,” Erin begins, “Are you looking for a job to get you by, or are you looking for a job that will get you ahead?”

The Student Employment and Career Center is not just a hidden gem, it is a treasure chest and might be the key to your future. For those who are interested, students are able to book appointments with the center online (

A big thank you to Erin L. Cassetto and Makenzie Hollingsworth for giving such thorough and thoughtful answers, they went over and above in offering advice for a college student’s job search!